Start Online Food Delivery Business in Your Local Region

Ordering food online has become a part of our daily. Nowadays, people prefer ordering food online from multi-restaurant marketplace like Uber eats, GrubHub and, Deliveroo etc. rather than visiting the restaurants.

There are various factors which attract customers to order food from these platforms such as the convenience of food delivery, various discounts offered by the restaurants and wide range of restaurant options to order food, etc.
The demand for online food ordering and delivery business in increasing by each passing year. According to statista, online food delivery business revenue amounts to US$94,385m in 2019 and expected to show an annual growth rate of 9.3%.

Names like Uber eats, GrubHub, and Zomato, etc are top players of the industry and popular in most of the countries. But still, there are many areas where these platforms have not reached or established themselves.

We have few examples of online food ordering startups that started in such uncovered local regions and earning high profits:-

  1. NoCo NOSH in Northern Colorado
  2. Cyber online food delivery service in Fijians (It has more than 400 users so far)

Considering the success of these businesses in uncovered areas where big players have not established. Starting an online food ordering and delivery business in the local region can be a profitable business idea.

But starting an online food delivery business in the local region is not walk in the park as there are certain steps which you need to follow.

In this post we will discuss all the key factors to launch an online food ordering and delivery business in local region.

1. Connect with the Local Restaurants

The first most step is to connect with the local restaurants around. You need to show them the positives of online food ordering and benefits they get by joining the multi-restaurant platform of their local region. As, customers now would prefer ordering food from nearest restaurant appearing on top of the list rather visiting the restaurant from far area.

2. Set Commission Rates Sustainable Than Big Players

In order, to stay ahead of big names and establish online food ordering and delivery business in local region one needs to set commission rates sustainable than big players like Uber eats, GrubHub, etc. It will certainly promote the restaurants to join the food ordering business of their local region offering high profit to them.

Here are some other key revenue methods in online food delivery marketplace :-

3. Have an option of Pick Up From Restaurants

In a local region; some customers might prefer to pick up food from restaurants on their own rather than paying for home delivery. So, your online food ordering and delivery website should support pick up from restaurants option.

Here is business model of online food delivery marketplace:-

To make online food ordering and delivery business popular in the local area, investing in local SEO is very important. It can help you gain the attention of your potential customers who are searching for online food ordering. This form of marketing is also quite reasonable as compared to others.

5. Choose a Right Technology Solution For Launch

To run a profitable online food ordering and delivery business in your region, a website much be enriched with some best features. So, selection of right technology solution to launch your online food ordering marketplace become really important.

The solution should support all the key features which make your marketplace user-friendly.

Some of the key features that the online food ordering platform must support are:-

  1. Appealing Homepage with all the main components like sign-in/ signup, search functionality, banners, etc.
  2. Inbuilt SEO features like optimized Meta tags, URL structure, clear navigation, etc.
  3. Multiple options to generate revenue for the site owner.
  4. Payment Gateway
  5. Cash On Delivery
  6. Discount Coupon Systems
  7. Pick Up From Restaurants
  8. Testimonials and reviews management system
  9. User-friendly checkout & order placement process
  10. Advanced search function for quickly finding
  11. Chat support and social sharing buttons
  12. Order history and confirmation
I would like recommend YoYumm a turnkey solution built by FATbit Technologies to launch online food delivery marketplace and mobile apps. It support all the above mentioned features.


There are lots of business opportunities for entrepreneurs in online food ordering and delivery business in local region but one need’s to take care of certain things to be next big hit.

If you know more names of successful online food ordering startup in local regions share with me in comments I will add in the post.

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