Stay Away! Denmark Bank Chief Calls Bitcoin ‘Deadly’

Wilma Woo · December 18, 2017 · 11:00 am

The governor of Denmark’s central bank has issued an unexpectedly harsh warning about Bitcoin, describing it as “deadly.”

‘Bitcoin Arena’ Not Enough To Persude Central Bank

In an interview with state media outlet DR, Lars Rohde emphatically told citizens to “stay away” from Bitcoin, becoming a further figure to compare the cryptocurrency to 17-century Tulip Mania.

“You have to stay away. It is deadly,” he said.


“It’s an effective way of playing around. So if you do not like casinos, you’ve got a good alternative.”

While banking figures lambasting Bitcoin as a bubble remains hardly unusual, Rohde’s perspective marks a particularly vivid case in point.

Authorities’ inability to create a steady narrative on cryptocurrency regulation has become a noticeable phenomenon in recent months, Russia and South Korea leading the trend of contradictory statements.

Such episodes have occurred even in permissive jurisdictions where cryptocurrency interaction is both comparatively advanced as officially sanctioned.

Denmark became a prime example just last week, as Bitcoin Suisse announced its three-year sponsorship of major league hockey team Rungsted Seier Capital.

As part of the arrangement, Rungsted’s top player is due to receive his salary in Bitcoin, while the team’s home stadium will be renamed “Bitcoin Arena.”

Rohde: Bitcoin Is ‘A Bubble Out Of Control’

In official circles, however, it appears such enthusiasm is yet to be shared.

“I see Bitcoin like Tulip Mania, a bubble out of control,” Rohde continued.

…It is the responsibility of the individual. And if we are to do anything, then it is consumer protection to say that it is entirely off your own bat and you should not come complaining to us if it goes wrong.

As Bitcoin approached $20,000, several bank warnings surfaced late last week.

Stephen S. Poloz, governor of the Bank of Canada, went as far as to say the “noise” around cryptocurrency in general “kept him awake at night,” while similarly reiterating the lack of control investors have over the value of their holdings.

“…It’s often forgotten that the cash provided by a central bank is the only truly risk-free means of payment,” he told audience members at a talk in Toronto.

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