Swift 5.0: What’s new, what’s changed, what’s missing, and what’s next?


Counting the number of objects that pass a test has a wide range of uses in many domains. However, Swift currently doesn’t give its users a simple way to perform this operation. While the behavior can currently be approximated with a filter and a count, this approach creates an intermediate array which it immediately discards. This is a bit wasteful.

To correctly avoid a potentially expensive intermediate array, you can use the Swift’s lazy subsystem:

However, using lazy comes with the downside of being forced to use an @escaping block. Lastly, you could rely on an eminently unreadable reduce:

These three solutions lie on a spectrum between “easy to write, but include performance traps” to “performant, but require Swift arcana to write”.

Swift 5.0 would avoid a performance trap and provide a simple interface for users to both read and write. Autocomplete should present it to them handily as well.

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