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Python is trending as the second most popular programming language in the world and grabbed its position edging out Java.

Python offers flexibility in operations and accessibility for a plethora of paradigms. Its wide usage for Web Development, Scripting, and Data Science ( ETL ) application have made it gained its fan base over time. Python can be played around with powerful tools and libraries for making reusable codes and scripts.

Python for Web Development

Python has been used for web development as it helps you create (Backend Code) that runs on the server as against traditional front end code that runs on the user’s devices and browsers. Python with its frameworks has made Python web development very popular.

Python as a web framework

Python has its two most widely accepted web frameworks – Django and Flask. Python helps the inclusion of different URL’S to chunks of Python code, dealing with the databases, and making a common Backend logic.

Flask and Django with their own exclusive features help develop masterpiece applications that are straightforward and elegant. 

Flask helps in customization and helps maintain more control over the components. It pays attention to the fewer components and leverages interaction for them. Django, on the other hand, is preferred for straight-forward applications wherein the focus is on the final product.

Python and Data Sciences

Python is another word for Machine Learning for some. Machine learning is an implementation of an algorithm for automatically detecting the patterns and flows. Machine learning makes data of identifying the object with numerous characteristics being categorized among a large input of data. The perfect example of machine learning will be Face recognition and Voice recognition or picture labeling. 

Among various algorithms for machine learning, Scikit-learn is the most popular library followed by Tensorflow.

Python and Data Analysis

Raw data is of no use until it is analyzed and results for the same are interpreted. Matplotib is the perfect library for data visualization and analysis. In other words, it involves, preparing data in visual formats for a better understanding of data trends and interpreting the facts.

Scripting and Coding

Scripting is articulating a small program to facilitate Automation. Scripting is a better way of organizing. It helps in data retrieval and analysis. It helps in simplifying the daily tasks for the inevitable organization. Python with its
easy syntax and the simple program helps bring out automation. 

Web Scraping

Web scraping in simple language means collecting all the information from the URLs of various domains with a script generated specifically for a particular variable. It helps to figure out the information and collecting it by running a code. Web scraping is the most widely used tool and application of python.

Wrapping Up

Python with its wide applications and usage in various fields has made its importance quite obvious.

Data is necessary everywhere, from solving an equation to the stage of
evaluating the trends. Data needs to be collected, organized, and interpreted before making any facts or evaluating the trends. Data interpretation and science through python coding makes retrieval of data easier and automated.


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