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VR headsets have very much arrived in the consumer market. The App Store and Google Play are introducing new VR apps for users. Thus, businesses are coming up with new VR solutions which has an immersive power to engage the user. VR headset with motion tracking lets the user use these VR solutions. It lets the user move around in a virtual space as if in the real world.

VR is a promising technology that is changing the market trend with VR solutions. The use of smartphone’s hardware and display helps VR headsets in engaging user with the power of VR technology. VR headsets are assembled with overvalued lens cases, often with a few extra features to portrait the Virtual world.

Studies show that 98% of VR headsets are for Android and iPhone device users. VR headsets have created a market where manufacturers create their own version of the headset with the low price.

Oculus Rift –

It is a computer-based system with a first big name in the current wave of VR. Oculus is still considered a major player in virtual reality. The Oculus VR introduced a successful Kickstarter campaign at the time of its launching.

Oculus Rift has Touch controllers that let the user move physically through 3D space with the help of positioning technology. It also includes the excellent Oculus Touch motion controllers that can support large-area. It is basically into creating 3D gaming environments.

From a technical standpoint, the Oculus Rift headset is nearly identical to the Vive and is more expensive than the developer kits.

HTC Vive –

This VR headset is known for its powerful performance that help users to experience game more realistic. HTC Vive includes a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations.

We can say that it is a wide range to experience Virtual Reality space. It can track your movements with a set of motion controllers those are more advanced than the PlayStation.

Dual base stations allow users to move freely with a higher-resolution display with outward-facing cameras and a handful of other enhanced features.

Sony PlayStation VR –

Sony’s PlayStation VR is offering the most polished and easy-to-use tethered VR experience. It involves an additional investment for full functionality. PlayStation Camera for the headset and a PlayStation Move controller bundle for motion controls comes inside additional investment.

It is a well-established distribution platform. It is a solution with crafting these VR experiences and quality controls in the benefit of the user.

Thus we can say that Sony PlayStation VR is a more worry-free solution to the potentially confusing world of PC-based VR.

Samsung Gear VR –

Samsung’s Gear VR works with high-end Samsung Galaxy models that are developed in collaboration with Oculus VR. Samsung Gear VR transforms virtual reality as it uses the newest Gear VR.

It is one of the most accessible VR systems with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences. With every move, it is naturally connected from physical to virtual world. Due to this reason, it is making the user experience more intuitive and mesmerizing than ever before.

With its potential, it engages users with a Bluetooth controller equipped with both a touchpad and motion sensing. Apart from that, it is assembled with touchpad onto the headset itself. Samsung Gear VR takes the user experience to the next level with multiple ways to consume 360-degree video merged with apps and games.

Microsoft’s Hololens –

Microsoft’s Hololens is a standalone VR headset that lets the user to see, hear, and interact with holograms within an environment.

It is featured with 3D spatialized sound, Wi-Fi, a Kinect-like camera with a 120-degree spatial sensing system. To create that immersive interactive holographic experience a fleet of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and a transparent screen for each eye is provided.

HoloLens is essentially a holographic headset without the need to be wirelessly connected to a PC. That means it’s going to be projecting cutting edge images into a room that everyone can see.

Bottom line

VR headset is becoming a popular way of enjoying the virtual world as it acts as a viewer for your mobile phone. The better the screen resolution and sensors in your smartphone is directly proportional to the virtual reality experience.

Basically, these headset s rely on the screen, processors and motion sensors of the smartphones themselves.

VR is a big business in itself, therefore, Virtual reality has been a long time coming. For it is easier than ever to get an immersive experience using a VR headset at home. VR development companies are coming up with innovative VR solution for businesses to boost their user engagement and increase ROI.

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