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Whenever I build a new product, I follow this advice:

“Make the simplest version of your product first. Learn and iterate fast.”

I am building a course for Founders and I am coding my own platform for it (it’s a long story) and the simplest way to see if the content is interesting was to start a simple newsletter course.

In the first couple of days, I got more than 100 founders going through the course but I wanted to see how many of them are really interested about the full course.

So, in the last email where I talked about the course, I DIDN’T ADD THE LINK to the full course.

And this happened:

and this

and many more.

30 founders sent me an email like this.

30 people that are interested in the course that much to send me an email (or ping me on social media).

How many people will click to check out the website shouldn’t matter when you are trying to validate a product.

You should be interested in how many people really want to connect with you and ask more questions.

So, there you have it.

Force your users to really ask about your product (by the way this trick is also part of the full course – but I won’t include a link here 😉

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