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A List of Good Sources

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The space is so fast-moving that Twitter is often the best place to get up to speed after a day. Between hilarious memes, deep threads and strong thought leadership, CryptoTwitter is a great way to stay tuned as to what is happening in the space. A list of personal follows can be found further down.


As you might already have noted from the above content, Medium is one of the primary sources for thought leadership/relevant reading for this space. I provide a list of good pages/profiles further down. More than Crypto, Medium has a vast swathe of articles and writers for a ton of different topics, worth the subscription!


A personal favorite, podcasts are great for the daily commute, or to listen to fascinating discussions. There are a good crop of podcasts that revolve around innovation and blockchain that are worth the listen for any one wanting to get up to speed and learn, or stay informed with regards to current events in the space. Here are some of my favorite podcasts, and a few good episodes to get you started:

Unchained Podcast (Laura Shin) — By far the best in my opinion. Laura is an excellent host and interviews some of the greatest minds in the space.

Some notable episodes:

a16z Podcast (Andreessen Horowitz) — The famous VC firm has a great podcast feed that treats a large variety of subjects, with some episodes focusing on blockchain and crypto, here are a few of those:

Epicenter Podcast — This podcast focuses more on technical discussions with development teams, nonetheless very interesting.

Blockchain Insider — A great weekly podcast that combines weekly news with interesting discussions with actors in the space.


Although not the medium I most use, Youtube still has a wealth of excellent videos and explanations of the technology. If you’re more into videos, Andreas Antonopoulos is a great start. The Ethereum Foundation also has a channel with a number of explanatory videos from Vitalik himself, and recordings of past conferences. With these two there is already quite a lot, and I trust Youtube to come up with some great suggestions for what to watch next.


While some might argue that books are too ‘slow’-moving of a medium for this space, they can still be a good starting point.

Digital Gold (Nathaniel Popper) — An excellent starting point in the form of a written history of the rise of bitcoin, by Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times.

Blockchain Revolution (Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott) — The father and son combo of Don and Alex Tapscott provide an overview as to how blockchain can be developed, what potential use cases arise, what showstoppers remain to be addressed, and much more.

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond (Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar) — Chris (mentioned above) and Jack provide a first take at how to invest in the space, and how to evaluate cryptoassets.

The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology (William Mougayar)

Not about blockchain, but some of my personal favorites (and very relevant in the current space)

Zero to One (Peter Thiel) — While I have gotten mixed reviews from others, I am a huge fan of this book, which provides a glimpse into Thiel’s thinking with regards to startups.

The Black Swan (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) — NNT provides a fascinating deep dive into the world of statistics, human biases, and philosophy revolving around the extremely improbable, momentous but overlooked events known as black swans.

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