The Complete Guide to Twitter Advertising for eCommerce Businesses

Do you use Twitter Ads to promote your eCommerce platform? It’s probably a right for twitter marketing if you are not doing it already. Let me tell you why.

If we take the numbers into consideration-

Twitter is the 6th global ranked website. With an 11% increase, it has received over 4 billion traffic in the last 6 months. With the US being the highest source of traffic, 51.77% of its traffic from direct sources. It means the platform is still huge and a large number of users love using it.

Did you know that a Twitter user is 6.9 times more likely to shop online than a non-Twitter user?

Now you can ask, “If so many users are on Twitter and they are more likely to shop online, then why should I use Twitter Ads and not direct social selling?” Is Buy button not a great way of using Twitter for business?

Of course, social selling is a great idea, but Twitter no longer supports the “Buy Button”. It was discontinued in 2017 itself. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, Twitter does no more allow its users to check out directly from the platform.

So why should we even consider Twitter advertising if it no longer supports the highly popular ‘buy’ feature?” Twitter is probably going to die soon.

However, this is not the case. Despite discontinuing the buying feature, Twitter was able to make its first annual profit in 2018. It happened for a number of reasons, but the main aspect that I find most crucial was their uncompromised focus on the Twitter Advertising unit.

No doubt Facebook and all are doing well with the social selling features, but Twitter knows most of their revenue comes from Advertising unit and they should focus more on it. Ad revenue is not only superior but also offer a more versatile way to make money.

This article aims at explaining the Twitter Advertising model and how Twitter marketing strategy works like a charm for the eCommerce marketers.

Why should you use Twitter Ads for your eCommerce business?

Social media is much more than a tool for direct conversion. In fact, nearly half of the Twitter base admits that their buying decisions were influenced by Twitter at least once. Contrastingly, only 7% admit making a purchase from the direct buying option.

Twitter has become a standard for brands and establishing a social media presence. That verified Twitter account can do a lot more than just promoting your products to the target audience. With 36% of the users checking their Twitter accounts at least once in a day, the platform is constantly available for attention.

It’s a proven fact that 41% of the users make a purchase within 30 days of seeing a Twitter Ad. Twitter Ads are highly targeted and the same as Facebook, you can choose whom to show the Ads. Most of the time, the leads are qualified and you don’t have to pay for useless impressions. Twitter is the perfect place for budget-friendly campaigns and gives bests of the ROIs without spending fortunes.

How to advertise on Twitter?

You can create three types of Twitter Ads as per requirements:

· Promoted Tweets

· Promoted Trends

· Promoted Accounts

Each type of Ad offers boosted visibility in its category. While Promoted Tweets are best for building a brand identity and promoting your individual Tweets, Promoted Trends give your hashtag a boosted visibility among the trending hashtags. You should use Promoted Accounts while you are new and looking for new followers for your brand.

The best thing about these three types of Ads is they blend in with the regular Tweets, Trends, and Accounts. For example, Promoted Tweets do not stand out of the regular Tweets and they are simply featured among the basic Tweets, which users can like, reply, and retweet. You can include the regular text and can also add a video to enhance the engagement.

Example of a regular Promoted Tweet

example of a Promoted Tweet with video

The Promoted Trends are the most expensive Ads that you can use to fix a spot among the trending hashtags for a specified time.

example of a Promoted Trend

Types of Twitter Advertising Campaigns

Based on the three types of Ads, you can create an array of campaigns with different goals. Twitter offers the following customizations to personalize the Ads as per the set goals.

· Campaigns to get new followers

· Campaigns to get Tweet engagements

· Campaigns to get website clicks

· Campaigns to get App installs

· Campaigns to get app engagements

While the campaigns to get new followers and Tweet engagements work best with typical sponsored Tweets and promoted accounts, rest of the impressions need some customization on the Ad layout.

To get Website clicks, you can use a special website or App cards with promoted Tweets. A simple website card will let you put your Tweet copy with your website URL. While an Image card will let you additionally put an image and call to action. The cards look something like this to the users:

Plain Text Card:

Image Website Card:

Alternatively, if you are targeting mobile app installs, you can use the Image App card that additionally lets you put an install CTA button with the promoted Tweet.

Image App Card:

There are numerous customizations available with Twitter Ads. They have a card layout for every conversion intent one can think of with a social media Ad. You can check on the customization link to know their official guidelines and standards for each type of card.

E-commerce marketing ideas and Twitter marketing tips

Though Twitter Ads are very simple, we sometimes tend to make them way complicated in terms of targeting. A Twitter marketing strategy should design campaigns based on the aspects that resonate with your target audience. You can pay millions on hundreds of Ads, but it will work only if it’s relevant and useful for the people.

Especially, it’s crucial to consider non-ambiguous eCommerce marketing ideas as you are dealing in a highly competitive niche. With competition, the cost of Ads also touches to the skies. You have to very careful while choosing a perfect campaign for the concerned impression.

· Strictly follow the Ad guidelines for image resolution and character limit.

· Make a wise use 140 characters limit. Prefer shorter text and self-explanatory images.

· Focus on a resonating Call to Action that aligns with the text and the image.

· Don’t sound like an Ad. It’s a Tweet and should strike the audience for engagement.

· Use the suitable website card as per your goals. For example, App image card for app installs.

· Use Video cards with unique and engaging content to drive traction.

· Reply to the comments/replies and engage your audience as much.

· Track and measure your ROIs on each Ad and adapt accordingly for the next campaign.

Twitter marketing is all about connecting and making a base for organic traction in the future. When you are running your campaigns, focus on getting as much popularity by connecting with the audience through direct replies. It does not matter you are a small startup or a big eCommerce brand, Twitter Adverting offers various affordable options for everyone. Just connect and help yourself grow your business, success will be inevitable.

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