The Dos and Don’ts of Running an ICO | ICO Marketing and Advisory Tips

Planning to run an ICO? From drafting the whitepaper, website design and team composition, running an ICO resemble traveling to other places on earth. There are dos and don’ts depending on which country you’re in, basically the same thing with ICO’s.

ICO is a revolutionary method to raise money, unlike STO where selling shares of your company, ICO is much different and need a diversified strategy in order to market it in public. Here are some tips from well-known agencies which offers ICO Marketing and Advisory Services.

The Dos

Check the Validity and Purpose of your Token — many ICO’s falls in this criteria, before you start an ICO, you have to think on a few things which are being asked by potential investors about your project. Does your token play an important role on the platform that you will make? What is the role in the industry and what existing problem will it try to solve?

Your investors will look at those questions and what would benefit them moving forward. Upon handling an ICO’s over a year, most investors tend to look at whether your token can be utilized. While on the other hand, a nonsense coin is tagged by investors as — — coin.

Build up your Dream Team — check out your team backgrounds, analyze how to get involved and help towards the success of the project. Share to the crowd of an audience on how well-known you are in blockchain space or on the industry you have to deal with, this will give a specific amount of impact for all the investors. Have you heard of the fastest selling token in Asia? That would be Bezant led by Daesik Kim, a founder, and former CEO which is one of the largest crypto exchange we have now in crypto space. The same goes with Hollywood with a fan base system, in crypto, your fans will be your investors.

Also, picking the correct advisors on your project plays a major role. It is considered an important part in your ICO, so you must pick which are known in the industry and have proper expertise that can help you out.

Make your Project more Transparent in Public — trust is an issue for most ICO nowadays. Making it legal is one way of declaring your ICO trustworthy in public since questions which will be asked by real investors is where did the project get incorporated or legislated.

Another way is by attending Roadshows, Meetups, Conferences and as well as conducting AMA’s. This will not only prove your legitimacy in public but you’ll surely able to meet some investors along the way.

Complete and Finalize your Token Sale Details — I’ve seen tons of ICO wherein info of their ICO details are having delays along the way, it’s okay if these are just minor changes but a major change will surely disrupt and put a lot of question in any investors mind.

The Whitepaper is where it all comes down to, most investors will investigate the use of the token, issues your technology is trying to solve, its distribution and use of proceeds.

Strategize your Token Sale — Plan everything first before doing your pre-sale and public sale. Are the dates of your ICO well-coordinated with the time zone from other countries, especially locations where you expect lots of investors? Is the duration will not look scam for some clients, because if your tokens extremely worth for investors, it won’t take long for that to be sold out.

More importantly, provide your token sale details on your group as well as the website. Giving them the link for contribution, Token or Pegged Price, Payment Methods and KYC/AML. Most investors also rely on your soft/hard cap, reason why they track your contribution progress or on the contract address via etherscan if available.

Plan your budget — A must do for every ICO Teams! Never ever forget to prepare financially or else it will eat up all of your budget. By having an ICO Advisor, will get rid of unwanted expenses that you will experience along with your ICO journey.

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On the other hand, in this industry, there are also big “No, No’s” that these ICO’s should remember.

The Don’ts

Breaking the Law — Be informed! You should know about the governance when running an ICO, you can never get out on hiring lawyers to ensure everything will run smoothly. With legal matters, you can team up with those law groups and pick those Top Cryptocurrency Blockchain Lawyers.

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No Marketing Plan — Never, ever forget to plan the marketing strategy for your ICO. Once everything about your ICO is polished, don’t forget to promote your ICO in public and do some marketing. Most ICO’s that fail doesn’t have strong marketing impact in public.

Several ICO Marketing and advisory services are specialized and experienced in the field. They will surely help you to run an effective advertising campaign for your ICO through PR/Media/Influencer Outreach, Community Management, and Growth.


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