The ever-growing list of marketing rules I live, work and market by.

Marketing Rule #7 —

Be reassuringly expensive.

I first heard this piece of advice from a copywriter friend of mine named Robert Lucas, he’s a wizard when it comes to crafting sales pages.

He told me one day over a cup of coffee to be “reassuringly expensive” and I’ve always remembered it.

Being the cheapest is a race to the bottom.

You charge $100.

Your customer charges $95.

You undercut them heavy and start charging $75.

They play hardball and start charging $50.

This goes and goes and goes until you or your competitor go out of business.

Long story short, nobody wins.

At Honey Copy, I don’t play the inexpensive game. I’m expensive to work with. I’m very expensive to work with. Depending on what customers are looking for, I charge anywhere from $2,500 — $10,000+.

Customers and brands value products and services that are more expensive.

There have been stories and studies about patients taking more expensive placebos and reporting that their pain drops by up to 50%.

Price is directly tied to perceived value and due to the fact that our perception is real, higher prices give our products more value.

Now, I am passionate about helping all brands write prettier copy that sells like hell. So, if they can’t afford me I point them in the direction of my FREE blog and FREE email newsletter and $97 copywriting guide.

Choosing to be more expensive isn’t saying fuck you to the customers who can’t afford you (especially if you’re offering cheaper and even free resources they can use)… but choosing the be expensive is offering more value to the customer who can afford you.

Always, choose to price your products or services higher rather than lower. Be reassuringly expensive.

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By Cole Schafer.

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