The Future of Crypto Wallets – Hacker Noon



By the end of year 2018, it is very clear that “Blockchains are here to stay.” There have been many developments in this domain and enterprises are now actively researching on leveraging the benefits of Blockchain for improving their business.

Creating a token on a Blockchain Platform is relatively easy now. By abiding to the appropriate token standard we can easily create a token. For example, You can create an ERC20 Token on Ethereum platform.

At the time of writing this article, CoinMarketCap lists 2073 Cryptocurrencies. With big enterprises entering this space, this number is surely to increase in future.

Imagine having to own and utilize multiple cryptocurrencies/tokens. It is very difficult for a user to remember all these names and their use cases. Due to this, people might prefer using the fiat currencies and the whole purpose of using cryptocurrencies is defeated.

In this article, I attempt to solve this problem.

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