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Sirisilp KongsilpApr 7, 2021, 5:25 AM

Hey everyone!

My name is Sirislip (aka Rabbit). I created an SDK for Desktop AR tech called Holo-SDK. I have been working on Desktop AR for more than 10 years (throughout my master and PhD studies). I am very honoured for being here 🙂 So I prepare a detailed introduction about what we do for you guys! 

What is Desktop AR?
Desktop AR is a technique that enables laptop and desktop computers to produce AR effect without needing a phone or a headset. It creates the illusion of 3D objects floating in front of a screen by rendering red-blue 3D images according to a user’s viewing position. User can download the play Desktop AR apps by using their computer, webcam, and anaglyph glasses. More about Desktop AR here (

What’s cool about it?

-You get the holographic experience and seeing things floating in front of the screen. Here is a YouTube demo of what it felt like when playing a Desktop AR ( Yes, the colour will be a bit purple-ish because of the red-blue glasses. If that is what bothers you, you can also use an active/passive 3D display to overcome this issue.

-Users do not need to have AR glasses or a headset, which tends to be pricy. Desktop AR utilizes hardware that everyone already has and red-blue glasses that are available online for a low price. This also means that more potential users for your Desktop AR applications.

-More immersive than mobile AR. Mobile AR’s experience is limited by small display size and lack of stereoscopic. Unlike Desktop AR and AR glasses, Mobile AR enhances the realism of a video that a user sees on a device, rather than enhancing the viewing experience of the user directly.

How to make your own Desktop AR app?
You can make Desktop AR apps by using Holo-SDK. Holo-SDK is a unity plugin. You can download and start developing going to ( We do have a free developer license there, so you can play with the tech without cost. We also have documents (, so that you can use the SDK easier.

What can Holo-SDK be used for?

We have been using it to improve the learning experience for students. The students were very engaged, and we had a lot of fun. Moreover, we are working with world-class museums on a holographic exhibition project. So that everyone can have a museum experience at home! 

Check out an article about our educational workshop on the UK government website here:

Holo-NFT??? (

You may think – great another person jumping onto the NFT bandwagon

And you are right! But please let me elaborate because I really see an opportunity for improving the arts, culture, education and software sectors here 🙂

Let’s start by looking at normal NFT. Most of them are pictures and intangible. For example, NFT of a Perseverance Mars rover is just picture of the rover. Even though the image is officially minted and sold by NASA, you can google it and find it. Why pay so much money for it? 

Now consider an alternative use case, instead of a picture, NASA mints a holographic figurine using Desktop AR tech. You can experience the rover as if it is floating in front of your screen. You can control who access your Holo-NFT. You can lend it Desktop AR apps and receive dividend from your NFT. Your Holo-NFT is one of the kind asset and not available on the net. Users, Holo-NFT collectors and Desktop AR developers will be tapping into holographic contents and support content creators like museums and 3D artist. So that they can digitize more historical artefacts or create awesome 3D arts. 

Looking forward to getting to know everyone here and your question!
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