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Do you remind those web widgets all websites have been using in the 90s? Guess what, they’re coming back.

I’m not talking about the good old live feed that you’ve used to see 30 years ago, or the flashing popups using vivid colors that probably flashed your screen a few times.

No, I’m not talking about that. Widgets have improved and changed their design, but they’re definitely back in this decade.

Live chat widgets, social shared, cookie notices, exit intent popups, … Do you think that they were dead? Nope, they are back!

There is a good reason behind that. In fact, the same reasons that drove webmaster to adopt website widgets in 1990 are still valid today, but in a different way.

Widgets are here to fullfill the need of complex features. Of course, web technologies have simplified programming over the past years, but the recent increase of web technologies is raising the bar in terms of needs for new websites. You can’t imagine building a professional website without a news feed, an image galery, a cookie consent, a scheduling plugin, … 

How can you solve that if your IT workforce is limited? Use widgets!

Widgets are changing the way we build websites in 2021, and it’s probably a trend to watch for the upcoming years, so, stay tuned!

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