The New Year’s Resolutions Mega Thread | Hacker Noon

austinDec 22, 2020, 1:53 AM

for me, i don’t have a resolution so much as a few goals (what’s the difference, i don’t know), the biggest of which is to get a place of my own in Ann Arbor, MI. i had planned on moving to Colorado, as the virus was looking like it was winding down, but since the more recent surges, i’m looking at a short term move a little bit closer to family (but not too close).

Ann Arbor, if you’re not familiar with it, is home to the University of Michigan, and used to be considered a hippie sort of town. personally, i just dig the indie, artsy college town vibe it has. there are no fewer than 3 independent bookstores in the downtown area alone — one of them, from the pictures online, looks like you could spend years exploring it. plus there’s the hands-on museum, which admittedly is aimed more toward kids but it’s just cool to have in town, cool to have that vibe. then there’s the farmer’s market…

anyway, what are your resolutions? what are your goals for the next year? and has the covid pandemic changed these goals? if so, how so?

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