The omnipresence of AI and an intelligent IT consultant made in France

Realizing to what extent AI could replace human labor, can be extremely frightening. However, AI is a source of fascination at the same time.

An impressive level of technological progress and wealth characterize modern economies nowadays. While in the early period of human history, the pace of technological progress was relatively slow, the success of today’s companies is strongly defined by time-to-market and state-of-the-artness. Key factors for competitiveness are therefore the capability of reacting quickly and predicting successfully the development of new and old technologies.

The Competitiveness Challenge

A look into the landscape of technological trends 2018 reveals that innovativeness seems to be driven by data, cloud, intelligence and algorithm. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is thereby rapidly moving from theory to reality. The simulation of human intelligence processes, as can be defined AI, has become an omnipresent buzzword and is undoubtfully shaping the direction of technological progress. Consequently, systems of intelligence transform products, engage customers, optimize operations and empower employees.

The indispensability of intelligent assistants

Siri, Alexa, Cortana and the unstoppable rise of the digital assistant

The omnipresence of AI can be seen everywhere across all sectors. A study by Accenture found out that AI would be able to double the gross domestic product growth of many developed economies by 2035. These findings will certainly exert pressure on every future-oriented decision maker. Realizing to what extent AI could replace human labor, can be extremely frightening. However, AI is a source of fascination at the same time. Forbes contributor Bernard Marr points out in one of his articles that “organizations are clearly becoming more comfortable with the idea of integrating chatbots and intelligent assistants into their processes and confident that it will lead to improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction.” Intelligent assistants also gain importance within one’s own four walls. The likes of Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri have become integral parts of our daily life and the more used we get to them, the more they become indispensable. — An “intelligent IT consultant” made in France

Even though, AI seems to have gained significance over the last couple of years, it has existed for long time. What changed over time might be the definition. In fact, Mai-Hanh Nguyen from Business Insider notices, “some of the best artificial intelligent chatbots are created from a demand for better service, more efficient management.” It seems to be in the human nature to optimize time, cost, service, quality and many more. AI has therefore always been present somehow. In the future, intelligent assistants will probably be able to help to make the right managerial decisions and even propose strategy for specific business problems such as choosing or replacing a business software. In this context, Christophe Hirth and Laurent Ehrhart, Founders and CEOs of French IT company LEADEO GROUPE, realized the complexity behind the decision making process when it comes to choosing the right business software. The market is overcrowded with tempting and rather expensive tools. The right choice implies a certain focus on business, an analysis of needs and hence time consuming research. Once a suitable software solution is found, applications have to be customized for specific requirements. The whole process from researching over decision making to integrating the solution into daily business can take up to months or even years for corporates. As a result, the French entrepreneurs came up with the idea of combining artificial intelligence with IT consultancy. The “intelligent consultant” was thus born. The latter is characterized by a blue owl named Hibou as mascot.

Whether ERP system for inventory management, accounting or production, HR software, CRM for customer approach, Business Intelligence for Controlling or Document Management Systems, makes software selection easy and less time consuming. Comparable to a comparator of business management software, relies on a comprehensive and thorough database of all market players. Customers in search of a business software get in touch with companies with solutions that perfectly match their criteria and their needs. The system integrates the widest database on the market and is capable of processing an enormous amount of information in a few seconds. According to its founders, enables its users to obtain relevant information about the types of software available, their providers and respective resellers. Given the fact, that markets evolve constantly, the company behind this intelligent IT consultant enlarges its database by adding more software companies and resellers with their solutions by setting up partnerships. Today, the company is proud of a detailed database with over 7000 players in the software market (publishers, service providers, systems integrators and manufacturers). It is merely a matter of time before is taking into consideration for business software choice beyond the French speaking world.

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