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Mobile app development has become an actual topic for many businesses in Singapore and worldwide. Enterprises, startups, and SMEs use custom mobile apps to increase productivity, set business processes, acquire new customers, generate additional revenue — there are plenty of ways how a mobile app can boost a business in the digital era.

Some entrepreneurs seek the best service provider, while others are looking for information about the cost of the app creation. To make your life easier and help you make better-informed decisions, I have conducted independent research on the mobile app development industry in Singapore and would be happy to share my findings. 

This research is based on the complex investigation of the companies’ portfolios, customer testimonials, conclusions announced by the biggest market analytics hubs, interviews with software development experts, as well as my own expertise. After long hours of researching and profile-hunting on Clutch, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and a lot of other resources, I have taken the liberty of providing you with this updated information. 

The Average Costs of Mobile App Development in Singapore

After interviewing mobile app development experts, it has become clear that mobile development cost is exposed to a range of factors, such as development frameworks, platforms, the complexity of functions, design, and the level of security. Let’s consider this price-factor dependence in detail.

Platforms you choose

It’s pretty simple. There are two main platforms, iOS and Android. In rare cases, companies also need to develop native apps for Windows. The more platforms you want your mobile app cover, the higher the cost. As expected, if you select only one platform, the price will be much lower, particularly when it goes about a native app.

App development frameworks

The technology stack of a mobile app significantly affects the development cost. There are three main frameworks available in the market today — Native, Hybrid, and Cross-Platform mobile app development.

Native apps are the most expensive yet stable at the same time. They are built with technologies that are specifically used for iOS and Android platforms. Native apps are often advised to enterprises that need reliable, well-performing, and easily scalable apps. 

Hybrid apps are the way less expensive. A hybrid app is basically a website packed into an app that looks like “native” but is developed with technologies matching iOS and Android platforms. It’s a recommended option for startups and SMBs with a low budget since hybrid app development is one of the most cost-effective solutions. However, you must also know that these apps are not the best in terms of scalability. 

Cross-platform apps are a great solution for startups and companies with a medium-sized budget and plan to scale an app. They are written once for iOS and Android at the same time, but their frameworks deploy native elements so that this kind of apps can run natively on these platforms.

Here is the cost breakdown for these frameworks. The cost of native apps starts from S$11,000, the cost of hybrid apps — S$5,000, and cross-platform apps — S$9,000.

Design complexity

Another important factor influencing the app development cost is design complexity. Companies with a larger budget may want to create an app with a custom, hyper-intuitive design. In this case, it’s recommended to create an ultimate UX and UI design road map to ensure your users will experience a unique and enjoyable mobile app design. Additional design elements, like in-app animation and illustrations, will add to a cost. Companies with a tighter budget can launch apps with standard yet still functional designs that are much cheaper.


The cost of a mobile app depends on the number and complexity of its features. The price for an app with restricted functionality will likely be around the same as a starting cost of a platform.

The complexity of app features also matters. The more complicated the features are, the more developer’s time and effort are needed, the higher the price is. Here you can find average estimates for some of the most popular features of a higher level:

  • Geo-localization: S$1,000 – 2,000
  • Single database CRUD: S$2,500 – 3,000
  • User module: S$2,500 – 3,000
  • Social authentication: S$1,000 – 2,000
  • Multiple database CRUD: S$3,000/database
  • Chat feature: S$2,000 – 2,500
  • QR code scanner: S$1,000.
Cybersecurity requirements

Large enterprises and governmental organizations may need an app with extensive cybersecurity protocols to avoid the leaks of important corporate data: the more security requirements you have, the higher app development costs.

Top 4 Mobile App Development Companies in Singapore

Another most common question is what is the best mobile app development service company to help you implement all this. After the market research, I have detected these five best companies. 

Swag Soft is a top-tier mobile app development company based in Singapore. It has been recognized as the best app developer by App Futura and Top Mobile App Development Company. Swag Soft was featured on big media, like MediaCorp, Channel News Asia and the Straits Times. The company has delivered projects for global brands like Caltex, BMW, Toyota, and governmental organizations like the MDA and Singapore Air Force.
TechTIQ Solutions
TechTIQ Solutions is a trusted IT consulting and software development company headquartered in Singapore. It’s the number one company among the top software providers in Singapore, according to Best in Singapore. If you’re looking for a reliable digital transformation partner, TechTIQ Solutions can be the best choice. The company offers iOS app development, Android app development, and hybrid app development. Its main peculiarity is a customer success model that includes complex research of the client’s business, pain points, and goals. 
Buuuk is one of the best mobile app development service providers in Singapore. Operating in the industry since 2008, the company has already provided services for famous brands like Audi, Daimler, Scoot, Singtel, DB Schenker, Starhub, , CapitaLand, Decathlon, Tupperware, National Environment Agency, and NTUC. It was featured among the top mobile app development companies on Yahoo Finance Singapore.
Monstar Lab
Monstar Lab is a big software development company with offices in 26 cities and 15 countries worldwide. It is among the top mobile app developers in Singapore in 2020, according to The Manifest. The company has shipped 900 successful projects to 500 clients globally. Its key clients include UOB, Researchplus, JobJira, and 3STransport. Mostar Lab offers end-to-end solutions for iOS, Android platforms, and web apps.

Choose Your Best Mobile App Development Partner

Singapore is known as one of the biggest innovation hubs in the world. If you are looking for a technology partner to help you incorporate digital transformation in the company’s processes and provide a smooth business transition into a new digital economy, Singapore is likely the number one country for your research. The local mobile app development industry is saturated with talented teams that are ready to help you bring your boldest dreams and ideas into reality. 

It has been an ultimate overview of the mobile app development market in Singapore for 2020. Hopefully, these insights on the cost estimates and the best service providers will help you find the right mobile app development company for your project.


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