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Forth: Paid Projects

Paid project draw a close parallel to the “experience” section on most resumes. You know, the part where you write fluffy HR focused wording that sounds nothing like you. Don’t do that here. Be yourself.

For each of those projects let’s focus on:

  • type of project
  • a goal of the project
  • tools used or inspiration
  • how you went above and beyond

The type of project should be something simple that most people seeking talent like yours will understand. Example: wordpress site, custom software, logo design, etc…

The goal should add context to the type of project. Example: Client needs a WordPress site for their chain of restaurants. It may seem like unnecessary information, but the person who is looking for a developer to work on an app for anything food related would feel like they hit the jackpot. When going through endless amounts of proposals, having any experience in their related field helps you stand out.

Tools give the client something to google if they’re unfamiliar with how you complete your work. If the client is savvy in your expertise, it adds validation to your work.

Then we are left with the most critical section of them all: How you did additional ass kickin’ for this project. This is where you brag a bit and talk about how you really hit it out the park. Example: “The client needed to have the project done by the end of the month. I finished half-way through the month, so we had more time to tweak things and maybe implement some additional ideas I had.”

Keep in mind to be yourself. You aren’t trying to impress a potential authoritative figure (hr rep, a potential boss, etc…) as one would do in a resume. You’re informing people that you kick ass at what you do. Period. Guess what? That’s all they want to hear.

Pro Tip: Have no paid project? Focus on landing that first gig but in the meantime, work on a few more personal projects to have more talking points. The goal is to show this potential client that you know your stuff, not brag to them how much money you made. That’s none of their business.

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