The Relevance And Growth of Food Delivery Business

Food delivery applications and services have brought the versatility and variety of restaurants to the comfort and convenience of homes. It has altered the landscape of the food business and has changed the perspective of restaurants.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that food delivery applications have made the restaurant industry democratic. You do not any longer have to go to a restaurant to enjoy its food. It was rightly aided by the perfect progressions in technology.

With applications becoming a mainstream utility on mobile devices, and the GPS systems being made available to everyone, it is no longer a hassle to deliver food to the exact location of a customer.

The Food Delivery Service Market – The Present And The Future

The Way They Work – A Brief

There are different kinds of food delivery services, which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. Broadly speaking, the food delivery business works in the following methods.

  • A user who has an account opens the app, and explores the restaurants that deliver in their current location.  
  • The user adds the items that they want to the cart from the restaurant’s menu. They can make the payment and check out or choose to pay cash on delivery.
  • As soon as the order is placed, a notification is sent to the restaurant to start preparing the food. Parallelly, another notification is sent to the delivery executives in the vicinity of the restaurant, so they can accept the order and reach the restaurant.
  • The food is prepared, and the delivery executive picks up the food and delivers it to the customer. 
  • The review and rating feature helps users rate their experience with the restaurant and the delivery.

How Can You Differentiate Yourself – The Different Business Facets

Food delivery at large might look like a very monotonous business idea. However, there are different ways in which the business of food delivery can manifest itself.

Let us look at the different facets of this business.


By a distance, this is the most common business idea for food delivery apps. It is a standalone business in itself that bridges the gap between users and restaurants. There are users who need food to be delivered to their homes. On the other side, there are restaurants that do not have the manpower to deliver their food to their prospective customers.

Platforms like UberEats, GrubHub, and Zomato aggregate data from multiple restaurants and provide the delivery service through delivery partners to their app users.


Unlike the platform, the restaurant-centric model is specific only to a single restaurant. People can order food from just one restaurant through an app or website or over the phone. The restaurant takes full responsibility for delivering the food to the customer. Alternatively, there is a possibility that restaurants can avail third-party delivery services to have their food reach their customers.


The topic is quite self-explanatory. It is rather disappointing to go to a restaurant and not find a table, especially if you are hungry or if you are on a special dinner like a date. There are apps and services that facilitate booking a table at your favorite restaurant in advance, so you do not wait to get your table. As an extension, it is also possible to order the food of your choice in advance.

Subscription-Based Delivery 

Food is a constant need for people. Going by this requirement, it is also possible to bring the subscription model where users can opt for a regular delivery of food. The provider can decide on the variety and the combinations. This model could be extremely useful for people who are calorie and nutrition-conscious.

Going Hyperlocal

Restaurants are no longer a rarity. The food business has also diversified, and it is not only confined to restaurants but even private kitchens and cloud kitchens. If users would like a quick delivery of their food in from a place that is quite close to their residence, they can opt-in for hyperlocal services. These services are strictly confined to a specific geographic area and lay emphasis on timeliness and quality.

The Pointers For Market-Research

One of the keys to ensuring your success in your race for survival is the intensity of your research. Any business that becomes mainstream is bound to have different attributes caught in turbulence. In-depth research will make your vision streamlined, both literally and figuratively!

We have listed below a few parameters that you can consider for researching.


Different places have different consumption patterns and habits. It is essential to understand your customer segment before you embark on your marketing efforts. Considering the potential for hyperlocal food delivery from our location is one of the most important factors that you should take into account.


It is quite obvious that the millennial generation has the openness to explore new options and are not trapped in the inertia of the previous generations’ habits. In addition to that, they also have the spending capacity, which might not hold true with Gen Y and Gen Z. It would be a good idea for your business to target people under the age of 35. 

Presence Of Restaurants

The number of orders that you get is proportional to the number of restaurants in a region as much as it is contingent upon the number of people. In addition to that, the willingness of the restaurant to deliver food and with your business also needs to be considered. The wider the variety, the greater your possibility of success.

Interests of People 

Data has been recognized to be one of the most valuable assets, and it has its own valid reasons for achieving this status! It is important for you to know the interest of the customer base that you will be catering to. Using historical data to segment your customers and finding out their interests in food would be extremely useful in determining the magnitude of your success against your competitors.

Availability of Manpower

Even after all the above-said aspects have been completed, the entire idea of your business might fall flat if you do not have the right people to execute the tasks that are needed for delivery. You will need to ensure that there are delivery executives available in your area. Although it might seem passive, it contributes a lot to the success of your food delivery business. This increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Build The Marketing Muscle 

You may build a robust business, but if people do not realize that you exist, it will not yield the fruits that it is supposed to. It is for this precise reason that marketing is one of the most vital requirements for the success of your food delivery business. It is going to play a major role in standing out from your competition and surviving in this market.

There are different platforms and ways in which you can market your business.

Mark Your Presence On Search Engines – ‘Search’ is an inevitable outcome of clutter – right from your wardrobe to the web! People are always searching for information on web search engines. It is important to mark your presence on search engines using marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimisation and PPC Marketing.

Considering the communication revolution that search engines are going through, it is also essential to consider voice search and interactive search.

Engage With People on Social Media –  To ensure that your brand is remembered when people want food, it is good to catch the eyes of people when they are not looking for food! Social media greatly helps in this aspect. Social media is more about creating a connection and engaging with users. If your brand can stay in touch with people in a way that they would like, it’s quite likely that they will remember your brand when they need to order food.

Don’t Forget The Traditional Email Marketing –  Email marketing is probably the PHP of digital marketing – it might be old but still stands relevant. Email marketing remains one of the most preferred marketing channels. It is a good idea to build a good email-list of customers and communicate with them regularly. You can also consider leveraging third-party service providers to have a head start ahead of your competitors.

…And The Even-More-Traditional Press/NewsPaper – Even today, to advertise a Rolls-Royce, agencies prefer to show a gentleman clad in business attire, reading The Wall Street Journal. This shows that in all the crowd of digital media, newspapers still have their claim to fame. Newspapers remain a great platform to reach the elite and affluent old-school users.

Create a Splendid & Feature-Rich App

Above the research and the marketing efforts, it is mandatory to create an app that will entice people to use it. In fact, a great application is a marketing tool in itself! However, this particular aspect has been effectively taken care of by customizable UberEats clones.

You do not have to invest your time and money in recreating an app that has already been built. Since the skeleton remains the same, you can approach an UberEats clone script development company and have your app customized to resonate with your brand.

This is bound to save you a lot of time, and this ‘time’ could be the difference that it takes to ensure your success.

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