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Today, technology is getting more and more personal, and just like humans, the pet industry is also witnessing this change. While we enjoy wearing smart devices to monitor our heartbeat or fitness, or anything under the sun; similarly, pet owners are getting more interested in getting technology closer to their pets. 

The Pet Tech Market was valued at USD 4.5 billion in 2018 and was expected to see a growth at a CAGR of nearly 24% by 2025. The global pet technology market and exports are increasing YoY. The Indian Pet Tech market is set to grow by more than 25% in 2021, with a CAGR of 13.9% between 2019 – 2024. 

Today, pets are considered a part of the family much like a child, and hence, owners have become more intelligent in investing in technology to help them keep a track of their ‘pet-kid’ in every way. Be it dog-walking apps, pet food delivery apps, or dog health fit bands, pet parents are ready to go all out to get their pets the best device available. 

While we know of the tech boom in this space, what are the different ways technology helping pet owners today? 

GPS Tracking 

Smart pet collars are trending with pet owners globally. The collar can easily be connected to the phone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can instantly track the pet’s movement. It comes with different functionalities such as activity tracking, location, health status, camera, etc. It is a boon, especially for working pet parents who have caretakers at home or use day boarding service options for their pets. It can easily connect with a dog walking app on any smart device. 

Smart Harness 

Like the smart collar, the smart harness is an excellent way to gauge the pets’ fitness levels. Many of them come with functionalities such as sensing the dogs’ posture, body language, sounds the dog makes, heart rate monitor, body temperature, and the dogs’ emotional state. Many pet parents globally have adopted the smart harness to connect with their pets better. 

Whistle Labs in the US is a prominent market player in the pet tech industry or smart device space. 

Pet Sitter Apps 

Another exciting breakthrough in the pet tech industry is pet sitter apps. Whether you need someone to walk your dog or feed your parrot or someone to pet-sit your pup or dog for an extended period, there is an app for everything now. The pet sitters can easily log the activity levels to keep the owner informed of their dog’s well-being. 

Companies like Trusted Housesitters based in the US or Pawshake, based in different countries worldwide, are leading the way with their pet-sitter apps and services. 

Pet Food Delivery Apps 

Like our global counterparts, Indian pet parents have also started investing in pet food delivery apps to make food and nutrition readily available. All the pet supplies are handpicked and sourced from the best companies to ensure that pets receive the care they deserve. 

Some top pet care brands include Petsfolio, Wag and Love, Drools, Dogsee Chew, etc. While there is an increasing demand for different pet wearable devices and pet food, one thing is for sure- pets are family, and families can do anything for each other. 

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