The Shrimpy Showdown [Contest Details] – Hacker Noon

A few months ago we released our social features. Since its release, we have given out hundreds of dollars to our leaders on the platform.

Yet, the Shrimpy team is not satisfied.

We want to give out more money to our social leaders. They have been working hard conducting research and perfecting their portfolios, so we want to reward them for this effort.

We will give out $200 every week to our top leaders.

On every Sunday at 9:00 PM PST throughout the month of October, the highest performing leaders will win a cash prize.

  • First place: $100
  • Second place: $65
  • Third place: $35

In addition to the competition, on October 7th at 9:00PM ONLY, we will be giving $5 to every leader on Shrimpy. So make sure you sign up and start getting involved. It’s free to become a leader and start earning!

Disclaimer: There is a limit of one entry per user. This means you cannot win on both Bittrex and Binance in the same week, for example. By participating in the Contest, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of Shrimpy personnel. Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage in participating in the Contest, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. All decisions will be made by the Company and are final. Payments will be paid out through the Shrimpy application using PayPal.

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