The Ultimate List of G2Crowd Alternatives and How To Select the Right Ones for Your SaaS

What is G2Crowd?

G2Crowd is one of the biggest software comparison websites with users reviews. Its business model is similar to those of,, etc. Keeping it simple they usurp Google’s search result on a group of niche search terms like ‘{Product name} alternative’, ‘{Product name} pricing’ and many similar ones. Simply type-in any software name in ‘{Product name}’ and you got it.

Why should you care?

G2Crowd can be a source of social proof and new leads. I will focus on new leads part in this article. When passing the sales funnel your prospects usually go through the evaluation phase. To be more precise, your competition, pricing and value proposition is being checked at this stage. Prospects simply type ‘{Your SaaS Name} pricing’ in Google and are immediately transferred to the G2Crowd page. The pricing page typically looks like the following.

The pricing page typically looks like this

When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will definitely notice the alternatives block and the sponsored block.

At least 90% of buyers are checking out your competitors’ proposals before sticking to your service. This is exactly the way how you get leads from G2Crowd. Prospects are simply searching for your competitors … and then they are on your site!

Some of my pals from SaaS companies place their marketing on G2Crowd and get decent leads from the platform. Improving your profile, getting reviews and doing the best you can to get the first position in listing as the best alternative to your market-leading competitor — this is the shortest list of activities you should perform to outrank your competitors.

A few slots where your product may appear

The ultimate list of G2Crowd Alternatives

How To Select the Right Ones for Your SaaS

There are more than 20 viable G2Crowd alternatives and every day bring us new ones.

Small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to be present on all the 20+ G2Crowd Alternatives.

Here is a simple data-driven technique on how to select the right list of G2Crowd alternatives to focus on. I show you some primitive example based on a small and a simple dataset. The more data you have, the more value you get at the end of the day.

  1. Define who is your most-searched for the competitor.

Example: if I worked for a HelpCrunch (it’s the best-simplified Intercom alternative and the company where a friend of mine works) I would choose Intercom.

2. Define a limited set of search terms you’d like to cover.

Example: Intercom alternative, Intercom competitor, Intercom pricing.

3. Create a simple Google Sheet table.

4. Use or similar service and open the Keyword Explorer report.

5. Open SERP overview for each keyword.

6. Export to Google Spreadsheet and make there a table with 3 columns: keyword, domain and traffic. Repeat for each keyword on your list. You should end up something similar to mine.

7. All you have to do now is make a pivot table and sort the sites by the sum of the traffic it gets.

8. As you can see the first six sites get almost 90% of all traffic. You should focus on them and skip the latter.

9. Voi-la! You found the sites you should focus on.

Any questions?

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