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The previously announced mobile game based on the smash-hit franchise The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Survivors, now has an official launch date. The new strategy-based, tower defense game will be hitting iOS and Android devices on April 12.

Skybound Entertainment and Elex Technology confirmed the news this week. Currently, the game has 1.5 million pre-registrations. Also, Elex is promising that the game will feature 80+ of the iconic characters from the original comic series that inspired the game. Legacy characters for the title include Rick Grimes, Herschel Greene and Glenn Rhee. 

In The Walking Dead: Survivors, players are tasked with building their town encampments to fend off other players and hordes of walkers. Legacy characters who will be available at launch will all have their own unique roles. 

New Details on The Walking Dead: Survivor’s Launch

Meanwhile, Survivors are divided into two categories: either Combat or Development. These will enable players to build up their town’s defenses or explore beyond the walls and face off against enemies. Here are some examples of character Survivor types from Elex:

  1. Rick – A Combat Survivor focused on fighting off walkers. He wields a rifle, an axe and his skills increase damage.
  2. Glen – A Combat Survivor focused on defense. He wields a pistol and his skill increases defense.
  3. Beta – A Combat Survivor focused on offense. He wields two swords and his skills trigger extra damage done and increased attack.
  4. Maggie – A Development Survivor who focuses on production. She wields a pistol and her skills increase production rate and speeds.
  5. Hershel – A Development Survivor who is a medic. He wields a rifle and he increases Healing Speed and hospital capacity while reducing healing cost.

Players can still pre-register for the game on its official website.

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