Tips for First-Time Skillshare Course Creators

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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What did I learn from this situation?

1) Read everything carefully.

Ask any questions that are bothering you. Ask for an explanation if something is not clear enough.

Or anyone will be able to tell you — You misunderstood! (as it happened in my case)

Or you can overestimate an offer. Or you just didn’t find any hidden terms (as it was in my case)

2) Teaching people is hard.

Creating a course from scratch is a hell of a process.

Surely — if you are working on something, that you never did before, it is hard. So any unusual activity will take more time and energy from you at the beginning. But by doing something new you will learn something new too.

3) Your situation is unique.

Unique for you. And nobody cares about it. And when you read about an average level, you need to understand when someone else is above an average level too. (Why didn’t I remember that? I had “A” in Maths logic. Maths is a bitch.)

4) Always make a quick turnaround.

Don’t try to perfect your course the first time you do it. It will help you to review results and draw a conclusion: “Continue to do it or not.”

Do not spend a lot of time on course creation. Yes, this is my advice! Especially if it is your first course. You are LEARNING how to teach. And if you spend a week on it and didn’t feel that you made good progress, then this is a big deal for you at this specific moment. Step back, calm down and split your course into 3 parts.

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