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Telegram is an essential part in cryptocurrency/blockchain space, if you are running an ICO or any blockchain project you really need an active telegram community to discuss with your members as most of the crypto enthusiasts are on the telegram.

Most importantly telegram is a cheaper way of communication without revealing your identity and its the best way to communicate with the members.

1. Don’t buy members

Most of you have seen thousands of members in a telegram community but when you see the engagement or chat you will find very few members are actually talking about the project.

It’s better to have only 500 members who actually believe in your project and vision than thousands of fake members.

2. Build a personal bond with members

Know your members who they are, from where they come from. Make them feel that they are at home. Its all about building a personal relationship, no matter if they are talking about the project or personal things.

It will create trust between admins and members, they will be connected by heart digitally and winning the trust of members means winning the game.

3. Provide value

Provide some values to your members, share some useful information with your members.
You can provide some data-driven information through an infographic as infographics are super engaging nowadays. 
Solve all the queries of your members even if its a personal query try to solve if possible, then only your members will have a special place about your project in their hearts.

Helping and providing value will pay you in long term.

4. Ask for feedback

Constantly ask your members about the project or how they are feeling to be a part of your project or how you can do better. 
It’s not a shameful thing to ask people’s opinion, it will give you insights about what is working and what is not and how you can do better to make the community more powerful and engaging. 
If you ask for feedback then it will empower your members, they will feel like a boss.

Empowering through Feedback

5. Replying Fast

Don’t make your members wait for your replies, reply as soon as possible.
If you reply late then its likely to have a high chance that your member’s attention could divert from the chat because telegram has too many channels and groups.

Quick response is a derivative of speed, your members are impatient and they want a quick response from the team.

6. Be Transparent

Always be transparent and truthful among your members, if due to some reasons you are running late meeting your deadline, then tell your members the reasons behind running late.

Also, tell your community how and where you will use your raised funds so that your members can have some better insights about the project.

It will only boost confidence among your members.

Remember your tokens are not free.

7. Do Daily Quiz

Quiz plays an important role in creating engagement within the community, you can organize daily 2–3 quizzes at random times about your project and reward people based on the answer given.

A quiz will tell you who knows your project better, and how much people are dedicated to your project.

8. Reward Old Members

Create metrics to reward your old members so that they feel good if your member is showing loyalty towards the project and team you should reward him/her.

It will make your communication better with the old members, it will encourage them to guide new people about your project. 
Hurray you got the engagement

So these are the tips I was having in mind for Telegram community management, always ready to help people about Community management on Linkedin and Telegram

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