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With a view to amplify the digitization of assets into tradable tokens, LEXIT and Tokenport are entering into a partnership. The main aim of this merger is to increase the liquidity for IP, assets and companies — part or whole.

Mitigating IP Risk

The current mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market carries a cost barrier and it’s a notable one.

Lexit plans to release entrepreneurs of this restrain. The current protocol for making a trade involving traditional assets involves multiple entities and requires excessive time and money. All this is due to its illiquidity and Tokenport’s objective is to solve this issue.

Tokenport has taken the onus on itself to reduce the disharmony that prevails in trades by completely digitizing shares in real estate, funds and companies in order to enable quick business growth.

The rigid transparency established by the blockchain has aided two things at once — a fluid, worthwhile process and ushering in a global market that issuers and investors both can operate.

The Lexit ideal states that a company, no matter how small or big, will be able to access a global marketplace and will be able to carry out seamless and quick trade.

Lexit’s Blockchain Push

The Lexit platform offers a marketplace which is designed to support quick transactions on the blockchain. Tokenport’s offering, called as Tokenized securities can benefit hugely if listed on this platform. Facilitating this goal, is the LXT token as it creates a standard for all transactions and can be used for all trades on the platform.

Right from offering instant settlement on deals to cheaper transaction fees and 24/7 trading, the benefits of this partnership are clear to see. Another major benefit is that securities as tokens work smoothly on the blockchain.

The advantage of a system that relies on a self-executing smart contract to finalize any trade is that it places power back in the hands of entrepreneurs and eliminates third parties and middlemen.

Larger companies are taking the L as currently the advisory and legal assistance for M&As are expensive and are heavily inclined against the bigger players. This means, the

SMEs are at an advantage as they can now liquidise IP and assets on a larger scale. Security tokens will revolutionize the way assets such as equities, bonds, funds, artwork, etc. were liquefied.

Thanks to tokenport and tokenization, a variety of corporate assets will not only be available on the blockchain but also become an ideal partner to facilitate the trade of assets on the Lexit marketplace.

About Tokenport:
Providing end-to-end advisory and management of real world security issuance, Tokenport is a market leader in regulated security token issuance platform.

It digitizes shares in real estate, funds and companies. Tokenport continues to reduce friction and complexity allowing businesses to reach their fullest potential.

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