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Video content has been ruling the world of branding and advertising since its commercialization in the 1920s. Today, though it has morphed into new channels to connect with the audience, the core element of these strategies has remained the same. In the current scenario, video content management is taking over the entire arena.

What is Video Content Management and why are businesses trying to monopolize it?

VCM is a software that helps media professionals, online broadcasters, tutors and others to organize, execute and deliver video content online. Be it a couple seconds of video or footage worth several thousands of hours, video content management software compiles the library systematically, categorizes them based on their data size and uploads them in an orderly manner. This enhances the entire user experience with their striking video database management and reduces human errors and loss of data by increasing accessibility and searchability.

Now that it has become certain that video can solely engine business strategies, We have made your job a tad bit simpler by listing down Top 10 best platforms for video content management.

#1 Vplayed

Vplayed is a all-in-one customisable video content management solution. This online video content management provider is encompassed with comprehensive custom HTML5 toolkit to embed video content across a diverse platforms. Customize your video content management platform with awesome integrations that leaps beyond your expectation & experience great headway features. Track engagement driving factors, audience favorites and much more easy with Vplayed.


  • Store, stream, entertain and leverage on every screen to monetize your video content with ease.
  • Harnessing the power of upload, transcode and secure hosting of your video content with flabbergasting pivotal features.
  • A rock-hard video distribution strategy to perform in delivering a rich quality and delay-free content experience.

#2 Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay delivers not only to small-time video content management solution seekers but also to big-league broadcaster and operators, television channels, enterprises, and brands. Stream events through all kinds of screens and penetrate the mobile market without any glitches. Get real-time traffic updates, comparative study, average user time on site and consolidated data reports at Contus Vplay.


  • Encrypt your videos to the highest security.
  • Exercise your digital rights with their chock-full digital rights management
  • Control your video content with a 360-degree approach.

#3 Ooyala

Ooyala is an open and extensible video content management solution that helps to manage, curate, publish, and monetize your content. The Ooyala Flex Media Platform shares metadata and analytics to create a single source of content supply chain. Multi-dimensional analysis of viewing and engagement brings you up-to-the-minute data across entire libraries or single videos.


  • Provides cen
  • tral workflows, shared metadata infrastructure, and APIs
  • Makes content supply chains faster, smarter and more flexible

#4 Brightcove

Brightcove enables video to be broadcasted across any distance, to any screen (mobile, tablet, desktop or PC ) easily. You can also prevent ad blockers from detecting your ads, deliver a better viewing experience to your audience by eliminating buffering, and preserve your revenue. You can label videos with standard descriptive fields or create custom metadata for your unique identifiers.


  • This online video management platform schedules video content with license restriction
  • Instant publishing options. Go live with videos in a flick.
  • Launch high-volume streaming and subscription services in no time.
  • Track and analyze every aspect of viewer engagement.

#5 Vidizmo

VIDIZMO’s video content management and delivery is pristine. Their Streaming Media Products include highly secure and powerful media portal(s) that you can brand, put your own logo, change colors and use as a central place to access all of your videos, presentations and other digital media assets in your organisation.


  • Upload in bulks, link content from external sources.
  • Share your content — Channel managers can share video within each other for content reuse to share media management control.
  • Refine your video rendering quality with API syndication and Social syndication

#6 Ensemblevideo

Ensemble web content management system help delivering videos to a variety of devices and networks by making video easy with mobile encoding recipes, device detection, custom players and closed captions. Also, get multiple video CMs deployment options in the form of self hosted, cloud hosted, hybrid hosted and multi tenant models. Ensemble vVideo’s adaptive bitrate streaming guarantees a smooth playback experience, no matter what connection speed or device your viewer is using.


  • The ensemble video dropbox allows you to harvest videos from students, staff members, friends or other constituent without having to log into Ensemble video.
  • The ensemble video moodle tool makes uploading, embedding and playing video in Moodle easy for educators who want to use video as part of their course.

#7 Kaltura:

Kaltura is an enterprise video management platform nested with specific service systems that furnish individually to businesses, education, cloud TV and video PaaS. Drive deeper engagement and meaningful data with navigable, personalized videos. Through Rapt Media Interactive Videos integrated within the MediaSpace portal, build choice-based branching videos whose endings change depending on the viewer’s choices and accelerate behavior change.


Bejewel your brand with intricate detail images provided by this platform such as market leading video portal, customer and partner education.
Powerful video enrichment tools. Add captions, video calls-to-action, advanced metadata, interactive video quizzes, choice-based interactive branches, chapters, and more. Make your video content work harder.

#8 UStudio:

uStudio’s enterprise video content management platform eliminates the tedious task of managing the whole video lifecycle and video transcoding and lets you focus on content creation. The video asset management feature allows its users to manage, increase visibility and govern over all corporate video assets.


Rapid, bulk upload of on-demand video assets in minutes, not hours.
Add an unlimited number of custom metadata fields to video assets.

#9 MediaPlatform

MediaPlatform has created PrimeTime, an advanced enterprise video content management system . Advanced search functionality can search keywords in the title, description and tags, in addition to searching by category, submission date, ratings, contributors and media types. MediaPlatform video CMS also offers the ability to perform a system-wide or asset-specific search across all media content for any spoken word in a video or archived webcast.


Supports iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. 
Options to create and share via mobile devices within the video content management system.

#10 Vidyard

Vidyard Live is video content management platform that gives you the ability to live stream anywhere, including from your website or social channels, so you can reach — and impress — a greater audience. Individual-level viewer analytics, which can be integrated into marketing automation platforms and CRM systems, are built in to help businesses like yours get intelligence on audience interest, including exactly who tuned in and how long they watched.


Choose the best, most relevant splash screen that will earn you the most views by split testing up to 8 images for each of your videos.
Trim away dead air or white noise that consumes customer engagement with video trimmer. You also have access to the original video after trimming.

Now that we’ve brought to you the best video content management platforms, resort to making and managing engaging videos to the fullest in building your brand.

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