Top 10 Health & Fitness App Developers in India that follow Latest mHealth Trends

Smartphones have formed a new communication network among healthcare service providers and patients. With hardware advancement and innovative applications, smartphones enable better coordination, diagnostic accuracy, and build confidence.

In a developing country like India People are increasingly using healthcare mobile applications to accomplish their health and fitness goals. Following the trend Indian health industry is never left behind and offering innovative mhealth solutions from fitness apps to medical assistance application for better patient-care and well-coordinated healthcare providers. From measuring your body mass index, to motivating you to walk an extra mile, reminding you about your medicines, these health and fitness apps go a long way in improving your health.

Projected size of India’s mHealth devices and services market from 2014 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars) Source

For 2020, it is expected that the mHealth services market in India will be worth some 655 million U.S. dollars.

Indian Ranks Among top 5 for mhealth related Searches –Source


Driving factors for patients and providers to adopts mHealth solutions


Considering the sharp surge in use of health and fitness apps in India, Indian tech giants and healthcare organizations are continuously working on healthcare app development to insure their big chunk in growing mhealth market India. For rolling a features rich mobile application you need an experienced mobile app development team with deep understanding of the domain and demography wise medical regulatory compliance.

Popular Categories in Healthcare and Medical Mobile App Solutions


Given below are the Top 10 Health and fitness mobile app developers in the India

Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory is a premier health and fitness app development solution provider. The mobility solutions offered by Mind Inventory can benefit your healthcare and fitness business in a big way. From hospital management apps to fitness apps, whether you own a multi-specialty hospital or you have a small pathological lab or you are a health consultant, you can get feature rich apps developed to streamline your work and enhance your overall work proficiency.

Headquarters –Ahmedabad, India

Expertise: Health & Fitness App, AR& VR Apps for Surgeons, Mobile Apps for Hospital,Nursing Homes, Small Clinics and Pediatric Centers, Schedule Management App for Doctors & Patients.

Octal IT Solution

When it comes to health and fitness mobile app developers in the country, Octal IT solution rules the roost. They apply Agile Development process in app development in order to ensure quality work within promised time frame. The solutions are HIPPA compliant and customized as per industry needs. The healthcare and medical apps developed by company can help you ease business work flow and offer utmost accuracy to improve overall patient care. They have an excellent list of testimonials of successful app in health and fitness industry to prove their forte in the field.

Expertise: IOT Health Solution, Health and Fitness app, Diet Planner App, Wearable App, Nutrition App, HIMS, LIMS, ePrescription App, Chronic Disease Mobile App, Telemedicine App, EHR Apps, Patient Communication App and more…


Space-O-Technologies offer complete app development solutions for your health and fitness businesses. From future ready Augmented Reality and Virtual Ready health and fitness apps for your Android and iPhones to hiring developers to meets all your unique needs, Space-O-Technologies offers unsurpassed highly efficient mobile app solutions. Their highly experienced app development team presents robust app solutions according to customized requirements of healthcare sector. Basically, increase in growth in health and fitness industry has propelled need for innovation and this has led to development of world class apps.

Headquarters –Ahmedabad, India

Expertise: Multi- Purpose Health & Fitness Apps, Weight Loss app, Fitness Training Log Apps, Exercise Tips Apps, Marketing App for Fitness Business, Social Networking Fitness Community Apps


Appinventiv is a top-notch mobile app development company which will offer you state-of-the-art health and fitness mobile apps as per your budget and needs. Due to its in-depth technical knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry domain, it is able to offer an estimate to the client before developing the app. From small startups to big giants, Appinventiv offers superb app solutions to expand your ROI and augment your brand visibility.

Headquarters –Noida, India

Expertise: IOT, AR-VR, Health and Fitness App, IOT App development, medical insurance claim apps, laboratory management apps, Electronic Health Informatio Exchange apps, E-prescribing apps, EHR apps


Peerbits offers outstanding app solutions to make better medical care as well as patient services. The health and fitness apps developed by Peerbits work well, look good and offer amazing functionality. Peerbits boasts of an experienced team of app developers who specialize particularly in health and fitness apps. The apps are developed in complete compliance with local as well as international rules as well as regulations. Confidentiality of the app user is duly maintained. Peerbits facilitates seamless connection between app users and the healthcare providers.

Headquarters –Ahmedabad, India

Expertise: Remote Healthcare, Health & Fitness Apps for Android and iPhone platform, HIPPA Complaint Apps, Wellness Apps, Wearable apps, workout app, activity tracking app, nutrition app

Mobisoft Infotech

MobiSoft Infotech specializes in HIPPA compliant healthcare apps which are all set to fully digitize the health and fitness sector. The expert team of Mobisoft Infotech is fast making it a preferred technology partner for healthcare giants. Company follows a patient centric approach in their app development endeavors. Due to partnership with healthcare tech development accelerators such as JLABs and TMCx Mobisoft ensures quicker product launches. They even take pride in working with complex EHR systems such as Cerner and Epic.

Headquarters –Pune, India

Expertise: Health & Fitness Apps, Real time Data Syncing, Medical Sensor Integration, Wearables App Development


Mobibiz is a well-known name in health and fitness app development. It builds apps to enhance the level of patient care regardless of place and time. Apps are made for all players in the industry such as clinical labs, hospitals, pharmacies, patients, insurance providers etc. Highly professional team at Mobibiz ensures to infuse mobility into healthcare and build app solutions in accordance to specific needs of the clients. The app is enriched with all the right features relevant to the industry. The apps made by Mobibiz focus on different element of health industry such as patient education, delivery of collaborative care, virtual consultations, virtual appointments, maintenance of patient records etc.

Headquarters –Gurgaon, India

Expertise: Health & Fitness Apps, Dosage Calculators, Patient Referral programs, Location Based Tracking, Remote Consultations, Remote Health Monitoring


For custom health care app development, Mobiwebtech is the name to reckon. It has completed more than 450 projects so far. Boasting of an illustrious client base, Mobiwebtech offers healthcare solutions which are patient centric, integrated and outcome based. They hold complete in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance such as CCHIT, HIPAA, and MU etc. Also, solutions are made in accordance to healthcare standards such as ICD-10, HL7 and XDS-I. From medical app development to patient engagement apps, hearth rate tracking app, yoga app and medical software development, Mobiweb will offer you all.

Headquarters –Indore, India

Expertise: Health & Fitness Apps, mHealth Solutions, Yoga Apps, Patient Engagement Apps, Heart Rate Tracking apps

Perception System

For affordable health and fitness app solutions, Perceptionsystem is your best bet. The company is known for its innovative solutions and extensive domain expertise. The touch technology solutions offered by Perception System is transforming volume based healthcare to value based healthcare. A lot of focus is made on personalized as well as high end treatment needs of the patients in healthcare domain. The company understands all your needs and tenders a solution accordingly regardless of the fact whether you need enterprise app or a regular app for your users.

Headquarters –Ahmedabad, India

Expertise: Fitness Tacking Apps, Medical Education Apps, Healthcare Billing Management Apps , Healthcare App Maintenance and support, Clinical Imaging Solutions, Health Insurance Apps, Pharma Management Solutions.


With 13 years of experience on mobile healthcare solutions, Scnsoft specializes in offering you task driven health and fitness mobile applications. You can have apps to automate your everyday clinical routine to monitoring of staff performance. They build apps to save time with reference to medical tasks. Mobile apps that simplifies diagnosis, treatment and after-care are part of ScienceSoft’s portfolio. Data protection is an integral feature of healthcare mobile apps developed by ScienceSoft

Headquarters –Noida, India

Expertise: Apps for Disease Detection and Medical Incompatibility, Care Coordination App, Chronic Disease Management Apps, Fitness App, e-Rx mobile apps, HIMS apps


So, these are the top ten leading healthcare mobile app developers in the country. If you hand over your health and fitness app development tasks to any of these vendors you can be sure of an excellent product as per your need.

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