Top 10 Indoor mapping and Way finding Solutions Companies

Reaching places has been made so easy with the help of maps from the time we have learned to explore and travel. The technology adaptation of it has paved way for numerous possibilities. GPS has been a game-changing technology that has improved the mapping and way finding services and it has been helping all of us reach our desired destination or simply locate places without confusions.

Technology has far advanced, yet getting our way through the local shopping mall to find our favourite store or reaching a department within the university building is still a difficult task. GPS and the existing platforms that work along with it are not capable of meeting this demand. Understanding the organisational benefits of such an, ecosystem companies from worldwide have been helping institutions and businesses build indoor maps and navigate within them.

These companies are not just focused on building maps but these technology companies have found out ways to improve operational efficiency and businesses through real time tracking, Analytics and other proximity services.

Following are some of the best companies in the business considering they’re work, product, Technology innovation and service, the top 10 on my list.


Based out of Norway, Maze map is arguably one of the best map making companies out there with trusted clients all over the world. Maze map is mainly focused on catering their services to universities, Hospitals and event venues. Having worked for organizations like Nokia, Cisco, and other prestigious organizations Maze map has been helping users reach their destination without confusion.

The company builds useful way finding platforms keeping the end users in Mind, from familiar users to users who are ignorant about the building layout can reach their destination with least effort. Maze map products have the capability to accommodate IoT projects within, which makes it highly scalable and reliable. If you need a user-centric map and navigation for the people reaching your organization maze map should definitely be the choice.


With 20 employees and an R&D team lead by a former CERN physicist, indoors is one of the most matured mapping and wayfinding solution that’s out there. They extend their service and work with developers, Handset manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, LBS Platform providers and other Mapping Providers.

Through various successful partnerships from around the world, Indoors has been solving problems for different industries such as Education, transport, Healthcare etc. With numerous successful products such as their solution for the visually impaired, this award-winning company remains to be one of the best indoor mapping companies in the world.


Co-founded by the horizon 2020 programme of the European Union this company has over 1 million active users spread in more than 100 countries. The map and way finding system developed by Indoor atlas is highly sophisticated. By integrating and making use of systems such as the magnetic effect of the earth, Bluetooth Beacons, Wi-fi and several other sensors indoor atlas has created a highly efficient navigation system that supports accurate real-time tracking.

Indoor Atlas is a firm that is quite technologically advanced compared to their contemporaries. With technologies such as pedestrian dead reckoning indoor atlas make’s sure of last meter accuracy.

4. beCo

Based out of India beCo is the best mapping and way finding solutions provider available, considering its cost and efficiency. Founded in 2016 this smart tech company is simply fresh and smart in solving problems for industry leaders placed in various segments. Catering services to the industries such as logistics, healthcare, retail, and hospitality this young company is already making significant changes to their operations and improving efficiency.

The navigation engine algorithm developed by beCo helps organizations set up a navigation system without any external hardware but only the floor plans. The key reasons for this company to belong in the top ten is its cost-effectiveness, sophisticated yet simple infrastructure that is highly convenient to deploy within limited time and its capability to scale to the highest level of automation. With features such as asset tracking, analytics, and proximity services beCo is a one-stop destination to solve all way finding problems, even if that means a limited budget.

5. Maps people

Maps people is a simple yet engaging map and navigation system built on the google maps platform. The company focuses exclusively on Indoor navigation and does the job quite precisely. Organisations like Copenhagen Airport accommodating over 30 million passengers annually trust maps people to solve their way finding problems. They built their mapping system over google maps hence making it seamlessly transition from outdoors to indoors. Though the system does not provide asset tracking currently, the use of BLE (beacons) and their brilliant content management system which is also easy to use help organizations sent location targeted push notifications.

6. Steer path

Steer path is a highly advanced mapping and navigation solutions company that builds interactive maps for both indoor and outdoor areas. Their maps work offline and support multi-building navigation. Analytics and heat map solutions provided by steer path are one of the best Available since the images used are vector while building maps, their solutions have no problem of pixilation. The quality of their services has made them the trusted partners of companies like Airbus for their ground operations.

7. Micello

Founded in 2007 at Silicon Valley micello has been one of the pioneers in the indoor mapping industry. The idea that sparked with the founder after he was lost in Disney world has grown into a leading solutions provider to various industries in solving all their wayfinding difficulties. After the inception and research, their first map factory was set up in Chennai, India. Having developed custom solutions Micello has been extending their operations to various industries such as retail, corporate and other segments like education.

8. Locus-labs

Focused on the travel industry locus labs builds mapping solutions mainly for the aviation sector. Having worked for numerous airports and the airline industry such as Lufthansa their domain expertise is incredible. Their products feature asset tracking and augmented reality which makes their solutions highly adaptable to the airline maintenance industry as well as airports. Their areas of interest include other industry segments as well and their current line of products include indoor maps, a venue management system for events and also asset tracking for enterprises.

9. Map wize

One of the fastest growing map companies currently in the market. Founded in 2014 map wize has already won numerous accolades and awards. Embedded with other products it is making operations better for various industries. Their indoor location framework is on an MIT license and it is compatible with different technologies around. Working closely with their clients they provide exceptional developer support. Their mapwize studio platform helps users easily convert floor maps in any format to navigable maps where the point of interests can be marked.

10. Navigine

Navigine is a global provider of integrated positioning technologies that enable advanced wayfinding and tracking solutions, with over 500 implementations worldwide. They have assisted developers and system integrators to create mobile apps and integrated enterprise systems for people navigation as well as asset and vehicles tracking.

They have been successful in delivering indoor positioning system platforms with one of the best total cost of ownership for their technology partners. Their advantages include better accuracy obtained over a proprietary algorithm they have developed, quick and simple layout of any navigation and tracking system at any complex environment and claim to do it 20000 sqm/day. Their mapping system also promises easy integration and better scalability.

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