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Magento2  is an ecommerce platform which is built on open source technology which has been providing online merchants a flexible shopping cart system. Magento provides its customers with powerful marketing through search engine optimization and catalog-management tools. Many believe that Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms which is contemporarily available with various editions ranging from community open source to large-scale enterprise SaaS-based systems.

The Magento2 mobile app has the ability to scale the store in future which means that it allows shops with only a few products and it is simple to expand to tens of thousands of products and multifaceted custom behavior without changing their platforms in which it has been built. The Magento2 mobile app also offers a variety of plug-ins and themes which enhances a customer’s experience. 

Magento is designed to be employed as an application by people who isn’t a developer. There are various reasons why developers are called upon to modify a Magento website. The major reason is, it is a very robust system even at its most basic site.  

Proven benefits of choosing Magento2 app builder to convert your ecommerce store into a mobile app.

Magento 2 is an ecommerce software and platform which is trusted by the world’s top brands. The motive why Magento 2 is the favored ecommerce platform is simply because, with it, you can make a full-featured app and websites with little effort. This is the rationale why over 20,569 websites are now using Magento 2. The old Magento has been stripped down and rebuilt from scratch as Magento2. Magento 2 is faster, safer and easier to use. The new Magento2 platform provides a holistic set of features which enhances the administrative options.

You offer a fantastic shopping experience for your customers. Let us dig deeper into the advantages of using Magento2 mobile app builder.

  • The new Admin Panel which is developed in Magento2 is ideal for non-tech savvy users, as it is actually easy to use. It enables unsurpassed functionality.
  • The built-in Full Page Cache makes the loading time of Magento 2 quicker than any other platform. The recent platform guarantees to enhance customer experience and augmented conversions.
  • It includes new payment gateways, such as PayPal,, WorldPay, CyberSource Braintree

1. Zielcommerce

Zielcommerce is readymade solution you can convert impressions to conversions by integrating their Magento2 mobile app to your shopping store. They facilitate you to heighten your business by Zielcart’s Magento mobile solutions in both iOS and Android platforms. You can build the Magento2 mobile ecommerce app that is quicker, forceful, user-friendly & features rich with Zielcart’s extension which appeals the best to the potential customers. They bestow with fabulous UX, unsurpassed security & compatibility on your favorite ecommerce platform.

2. Mofluid:

Mofluid was founded in 2011 with a simple idea- to allow every e-commerce business to go Mobile. The overall ideology was to show that one can create a compelling mobile app with petite effort and time. It had initially built a Magento extension for making a Hybrid App enabling an existing ecommerce website to perform and look like an App and they even endorsed shoppers to download it from Playstore & Apple store.  The new Mofluid 2.0 plugin has been entrenched with new features and numerous improvements for providing an excellent user interface for both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Jmango:

Jmango is a Magento2 mobile app builder which provides an award-winning solution, which allows you to turn your Magento store into a powerful iOS & Android app within a  few days. Without zero coding skills or huge budgets, you can instigate your own native app that renders all the features to become part of your customers’ daily life and keep them thoroughly engaged. Jmango’s apps have confirmed to turn first-time visitors into the app into lifelong customers. The fun thing about their extension is creating and designing the app is entirely free of charge and devoid of any obligations. You pay only if you decide to publish your app into the App Stores, on a monthly or yearly plan.

4. AppJetty :

AppJetty includes some of the paramount Magento 2 extensions for your existing ecommerce website. They intend to build solutions for your ecommerce store that offers tangible and quick fixes. Their developers have vast experience in the field of ecommerce. Therefore, their chief focus has been on Magento 2 extensions development. If you would like to have an aggressive advantage over your competitors, you can try integrating AppJetty’s range of Magento 2 modules. With AppJetty’s Magento 2 mobile app builder, you can take care of several functionalities like site maintenance order tracking, language translations,  shipping, etc. Their extensions will provide your clients with a seamless online shopping experience and reduce the number of cart abandonment. 

5. Webkul:

You can create fully native Android and iOS applications for your existing Magento 2 e-commerce store. They help you to publish your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It also facilitates the real-time synchronization of products, orders, categories, customers, etc between webshop and mobile app. From the mobile app, your purchaser can browse products, place an order, write reviews, move items to a wishlist, view order details, create a new account, and so much more. 

6. Simicart:

Simicart is a Magento2 app builder which can easily convert your ecommerce store into a website. It is an absolute way out to build your individual iOS & Android Magento mobile app. With Simicart, your app will get completely synchronized with your website, including products, categories, languages, store views. We assure to deliver the app within 24 hours of discussion. SimiCart assists you to build a commanding mobile app to heighten up your business. More than a sales and marketing outlet to your business, SimiCart is a perfect tool to amplify your revenue and gain customers’ loyalty.

7. Elsener Technologies:

This Company excels in providing the best quality of web development services. The company houses a group of experienced inventive designers and Magento2 mobile app developers to turn your plan into a reality with their entirely customized Magento solutions and the third party Magento extensions. The company has its consumer based in countries like Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and India. Popular brands like Queen Creek Olive Mill, Grill Symbol, Flamingo Travels, Pri Beauty, Kidz Store, Web 7 Radio, JT Plaza, National Karate, Middle East Technical University, Indmex Group, etc are some of their key clients.

8. Sigma Infosolutions:

The company manifested inception in 2004 and has become one of the best e-commerce service providers in India with no time. The company owns its own Magento Center of excellence. They have assisted more than 150 online brands to grow and reach to new customers in all parts of the globe for more income generation. The business has delivered excellent quality of e-commerce solutions in domains like Fintech, technology, telecom, online retail, etc. The company is also a Magento Solution Partner.

9. Mobikul:

The Mobikul Mobile App Builder can easily convert your ecommerce Magento Store website into a native mobile application. The customers can easily visit your store by using the mobile application in both Android/iOS  on the go. The mobile application has improved user experience with impressive features and functionalities and it is fully attuned with your default Magento Store. The native mobile application provides your customers with a user-friendly experience and augments the customers’ engagement over the mobile platform.  The Mobikul Magento2 mobile app builder provides an appealing and convenient user experience (UX) to the customers/users. The mobile app also supports RTL languages. 

10. Contus Mcomm:

You can improve your conversion rates for your enterprise through contus mcomm mobile app builder and avoid cart abandonment. You can provide the best user experience to your customers exponentially through faster loading speeds. Their speed optimization solution keeps away from full page caching, and it is customizable according to your ecommerce store’s nature and is always compatible with the additional functionalities of your store. For the past  5 years, they have built strong proficiency on the ever-evolving Magento 2 platform to distribute ideal solutions with the unimpeachable quality for their clients to make them exceedingly fit. With over 100+ successful projects being delivered, Contus mcomm grabs one of the top 10 Magento 2 app builder list. 


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