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There are around 900 different Pokémon in the franchise. Although the franchise is yet to add a dinosaur type, many designs have taken inspiration from dinosaurs. Here are the 10 most powerful dinosaur Pokémon across the entire franchise.

List of Dinosaur Pokémon

  1. Tyrantum
  2. Meganium
  3. Tyranitar 
  4. Sceptile 
  5. Rampardos
  6. Bastiodon 
  7. Lapras
  8. Groudon 
  9. Dialga
  10. Palkia 


(Tyrantrum) Credit: Bulbagarden Archives                     

(Tyrannosaurus Rex) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Tyrantrum is a rock and dragon type fossil Pokémon and takes influence from the most famous dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The creature has tiny arms, a large head full of sharp teeth and a bipedal movement style much like its prehistoric equivalent. 

Tyrantrum evolves from its pre-evolution Tryrunt at around level 39. Like its other prehistoric counterparts, it is strong, with the creature learning moves such as giga impact at around level 68.


Meganium was introduced in generation two of the franchise. Meganium is the final evolution of the starter Chikorita in the Johto series of games. Meganium is a grass type and much like  Sauropods such as the Brachiosaurus it has a long neck and much smaller head and limbs. 

Meganium is a strong dinosaur Pokémon who can learn powerful grass type moves such as petal blizzard at level 70 and the strongest grass type move in the franchise, frenzy plant.

(Meganium) Credit: Bulbagarden

(Brachiosaurus) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki


Tyranitar is a Pokémon introduced in generation two. Tyranitar is a rock and dark type and is considered one of the most powerful creatures in the franchise. 

(Tyranitar) Credit: Bulbagarden                                    

(Tyrannosaurus Rex) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Tyranitar takes inspiration from the fictional monster Godzilla and from dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex due to being bipedal. The creature is powerful, having the ability to destroy mountains and bury rivers when enraged. It also has a mega evolution and the ability to learn high-level moves such as hyper beam and giga impact before level 60. 


(Sceptile) Credit: Bulbagarden                                     

  (Velociraptor) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Sceptile is the final evolution of the starter Treeko in generation three of the franchise. A fan favourite, Sceptile can run at high speed and has a reptilian-like appearance that resembles Velociraptor

Sceptile is strong with a mega evolution, and powerful grass type moves such as petal storm and frenzy plant.


(Rampardos) Credit: Bulbagarden

(Pachycephalosaurus) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Rampardos is a rock-type fossil Pokémon introduced in generation four of the franchise. The creature has a thick skull and limb structure much like the dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus.

Rampardos evolves from Cranidos at level 30 and is a strong rock type with the capacity to learn moves such as zen headbutt and head smash that use its robust skull. Similarly, it can also learn powerful moves such as ancient power and stone edge.


(Bastiodon) Credit: Bulbagarden                    


(Triceratops) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Bastiodon is a rock and steel type and the counterpart to Rampardos in generation four of the franchise. The Pokémon has a thrill and horns similar to Triceratops or Zuncineratops.

Bastiodon evolves from Shieldon at level 30 and has considerable power. Before level 60, Bastiodon can learn both iron head and heavy slam.

7. Lapras 

(Lapras) Credit: Bulbagarden                                             

(Plesiosaur) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Lapras is one of the most popular Pokémon of all time. Initially introduced in generation one of the franchise, Lapras is a powerful water type with dinosaur influences. Lapras has a long neck, short tail, fins and blue coloured appearance similar to the prehistoric Plesiosaur.

This blue dinosaur Pokémon is considered one of the strongest water types, with the ability to gigantamax in generation eight of the franchise and can learn knockout moves such as sheer cold at level 50.

8. Groudon 

(Groudon) Credit: Bulbagarden     

(Ankylosaurus) Credit: Dinosaur Wiki

The legendary creature Groudon is one of the most powerful dinosaur Pokémon. Groudon is one of the weather trio legendaries introduced in generation three of the franchise. Groudon has spikes much like Ankylosaurus and is similar in resemblance to Theropods

It is a powerful creature said to have created much of the Pokémon land and can undergo primal reversion. Groudon can learn powerful moves like eruption and exclusive move sets such as precipice blades.


(Dialga) Credit: Bulbagarden


(Brachytrachelopan) Credit: Dinosaur Wiki

Dialga is a legendary creature introduced in generation four of the franchise. Dialga is a dragon and steel type legendary and is said to control time.

Sauropods inspire the legendary with short necks such as Brachytrachelopan. Dialga is powerful learning exclusive moves such as the roar of time and can learn strong moves naturally, such as flash cannon.


(Palkia) Credit: Bulbagarden                                        

(Oviraptor) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

The legendary Palkia, much like Dialga, was introduced in generation four of the franchise. 

It is a powerful water and dragon type capable of distorting space. Palkia takes direct inspiration from dinosaurs such as the Oviraptor and Plateosaurs

Palkia can learn exclusive moves such as spatial rend, making the creature immensely powerful. 

Final Thoughts

The franchise is long overdue for a new type in the Pokédex. A dinosaur Pokémon type would be a perfect addition to the franchise.

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