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From that point forward we have seen an ascent in the quantity of taxi application improvement organizations over the globe. So here we provide top 10 taxi booking app development company list. So it winds up intense to take a choice when you think to create applications like Uber and Lyft.

Here is my list of top 10 taxi app development companies who have helped taxi businesses grow with the use of latest technology stacks.

Bacancy Technology:

For single application programming interface, (weather its iOS or Android ) it will cost you $3000 USD and for both platform it will cost you $4000 USD. Uber like Taxi app clone script comes with an iOS and Android app for your customers & Drivers. We also provide a powerful admin dashboard so you can control pretty much everything. Ready and fully customisable uber clone taxi app solution with native android/iOS app with admin panel. Very competitive in pricing.

Bacancy Technology is one of the Best Taxi Booking App Development company. Get riders on board and drivers behind the wheel to accelerate your taxi business. We Bring-in the power of technology to connect your cabs to millions of local travelers. Get your own Uber & Lyft like Taxi Booking app for android with the Best Taxi App Development Company.

Contact Us: +1 647 946 5369


Our offering provides a host of features for drivers, passengers, admins, and dispatchers and can also be personalized with advanced features, customizations, and integration according to the needs of your business.

Mtoag provides a user-friendly branded taxi app solution for mobile devices on the Android and iOS platforms that can be customized to meet the requirements of your business, effectively increasing your reach. With our taxi app, taxi companies can automate the monitoring of their business to make it function more effectively. The app allows driver-passenger communication which can be monitored via a dispatch management system, making it the perfect on-demand cab app for drivers and the leading taxi app for taxi operators.

Contact Us: 0141 229 7352

Enuke Software:

Life is like a Taxi. The meter just keep ticking whether you are somewhere or stand still. So, enjoy instant Taxi Booking through application developed by Enuke.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Taxi Booking App Development Company making process of Taxi Booking easy, comfortable and much convenient for taxi business owners, passengers and drivers by developing unmatched Taxi Booking Apps for all the platforms — Web, Android, iOS, and Windows.

There’s no doubt that conventional taxi services are impacted more by Smartphones and mobility than any other possible thing in last few years. With the advent of smartphones, came smart Taxi Booking Mobile Apps which make riding in a taxi a lot easier and convenient.

Contact Us: 0124 425 3862

Sara Technologies:

Sara Technologies is capable of fulfilling all the requirements that are needed by the clients while processing their taxi app development all across the universe. Since we are headquartered in San Diego, CA, along with this we have our good running IT offices in Oakland, Albuquerque. We are not just limited to these areas, we have widespread our hands all across the globe and successfully satisfied thousands of clients with our taxi booking app development in San Diego & Oakland, California.

Contact Us: 085060 80373

Endive Software:

Introduce your own Taxi Business. Endivesoftware is one of the best Taxi booking App Development company. Our dedicated team of app developers, offers the best Uber Clone Script, Uber X Clone scripts with customized features for android, iOS and iPhone. Call us to get started.

Contact Us: 0141 401 4147


Appypie is the fastest growing app maker in the world who are also providing an advanced app for taxi booking app development through Uber Clone script on both iOS and Android. The application which they have developed works in real time and has integrated mobile payment and ensures the payment for signing up drivers can be automatically taken care. There are two mobile applications that come with Taxi booking apps such as Uber Passenger App for booking and tracking cabs and Uber Driver App which the drivers can use for accepting the requests for mobile booking.

Contact Us: +1 888 322 7617


TagMyTaxi is a cutting-edge taxi solution from NDOT. They have closely analyzed taxi businesses and made it a point to overcome the difficulties faced by the taxi business owners. Their taxi app developers have launched a taxi booking platform with impressive features. They know that to build apps like Uber and Lyft is a tough job. But they prefer to make the tough job easy at their taxi app development company. And thus introduced efforts naming their app solution as “TagMyTaxi”. TagMyTaxi delivers exceptional results for taxi business community and app subscribers. This taxi app development company make taxi companies more accessible by users, drivers with more business and passengers with more choices.

Contact Us: +1 (202) 657–6901


Taxistartup is a white label limo and taxi app development company. They only care about technology because it helps them deliver stable, reliable and lightning-fast products. More than 200+ fleet business has started to grow revenue with their taxi app solution.

This taxi booking app development company has launched a set of dispatch, mobile, and web booking tools for starting ridesharing network or empowering taxi or limo fleet and operations with the latest mobility-as-a-service.


Left those days when getting a cab was the next big thing for a ride back home. In order to bring the best riding experience, we have recreated Uber-like app to captivate the cab solution all across the globe. Like Uber has posed a serious threat over the traditional taxi business. In case you are looking to create a disruptive innovator then Fluper has created “Fonetaxi”, an Uber-like app with technologically enhanced features and functionalities something beyond Uber.

Contact Us: 0120 411 4006


A smarter solution for smart travelers. Allowing easy booking with sophisticated taxi app UI to maximize interaction, allowing greater conversion through a comprehensive taxi app solution. Know the added features of taxi app solution for passengers.

While our solution is customizable to the bottom and, with a bit tweaking, should be ready to run any business that requires handling a fleet, these are some of the businesses verticals it’s common to.

Contact Us: 079 4800 0686

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