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Wireframes are the building blocks of a website or app design. It helps the developers, designers, and the client a chance to walk through the website/app structure way before beginning the designing and development process. The process can help to identify usability issues that may occur during the designing process. There are a plethora of tools for wireframe and design; and this article has covered the top eleven of them.

What are the top tools used for wireframe and design?

  1. Moqups
  2. Sketch
  4. Omnigraffle
  5. Axure
  6. Cocoo
  7. Adobe XD
  8. InVision Studio
  9. Figma
  10. Canva
  11. Justinmind

Let’s discuss them in detail:

Moqups (Platform- web)

This web-based tool helps in building wireframes and prototypes in a single environment. Using the tool, the designers can create diagrams, graphs, charts, flowcharts, and more. Moqups comes up with a huge built-in library, which includes different design elements. Moreover, the tool also includes various drag and drop features, which make it easy to organize your project. To use the tool, you can buy a personal plan, which starts at $13 per month.

Sketch (Platform- macOS)

This is yet another powerful wireframe tool that is designed for lighting fast prototyping. Using the tool you can turn your design idea into ready-to-code project designs. It can be integrated with Crystal, Invision, Overflow,, Zeplin, and other tools. This tool is exclusively for the Mac operating system users. (Platform- web)

The tool is preferred for its exceptional prototyping features and capabilities. It is also popular as a wireframe tool mainly for the UX testing. The tool helps in making informed designed decisions, which further leads to well-organized and flawless development. With its cloud-based features, the tool simplifies collaboration.

Omnigraffle (Platform- iOS and macOS)

It is an easy to use wireframe tool that features keyboard shortcuts for import & export, facilitates mouse-less editing, has artboard presentation mode, enables conversion of text into shapes, and includes non-destructive shape combinations. Apart from this, Omnigraffle holds the utmost perfection in the usability category. Like Sketch, it is also exclusively available for the Mac operating system.

Cacoo (Platform- Windows and macOS)

This wireframe tool has a powerful editor and friendly interface that assists its user to view their ideas in wireframes, mind maps, and flowcharts. You can either buy its premium version or enroll for a 14-days free trial to have an idea of its functioning. The tool facilitates real-time collaborative editing, revision history, and many other features. The wireframe can integrate with Visio, Google Docs, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and other tools.

Adobe XD (Platform- Windows and macOS)

Adobe XD is one of the most used tools for designing, prototyping, and wireframing. Using the tool, you can also share experiences. Its unified asset panel incorporates features for replication of lists, communication, collaborative presentations, and more. It can be integrated with Google Sheets, CloudApp, Overflow, UI Faces, and other tools.

InVision Studio (Platform- macOS)

The arrival of the InVision Studio has relieved the designers from the hassle of using a third-party wireframe tool for prototyping. The tool is available for free for one prototype; thereafter, you can buy a premium plan starting at $15 per month.

Axure (Platform- Windows and macOS)

If you want to plan and prototype wireframes to developers, then Axure is a perfect choice. The tool is available with a 30-days trial version, which allows you to use only limited features. In case, if you want to access all its features, then switch to its premium version that starts $29/user/month. Axure helps designers to create diagrams, wireframes, and customer journeys.

Figma (Platform- web, macOS, Windows, and Linux)

Figma, a robust and cloud-based tool, is used for real-time collaboration. The tool is designed to work efficiently, no matter if you are working alone or as a team. You can use the tool for free for three projects; after that, you can buy its professional plan that starts at $12/user per month.

Canva (Platform- web)

Using Canva, even the non-designers can efficiently draft hi-quality graphics and wireframes. The tool has various drag and drop illustrations, charts, and other built-in templates. You can use it for free but with limited features. Its work plan or professional plan can be purchased at $12.95/user per month.

Justinmind (Platform- Windows and macOS)

The popular wireframe tool includes a library of UI elements to help designers to generate different shapes and a wide array of widgets for different platforms. Using the tool, you can also do custom styling for adding rounded corners, color gradients, new graphics, and more. Apart from this, the designers can also export the prototype as HTML.

Final Thoughts

There are many wireframe tools that can help designers to prepare a layout or the structure before actually designing and developing an app or website. These tools enable a seamless transition from one stage of the project to another. Some of the popular wireframe tools used by top mobile app development companies include Canva, Justinmind, Figma, Omnigraffle, Cacoo, and Axure. You can use these tools for free or might have a pay to get the premium ones. To know more about how it can benefit in creating a layout, reach out to a reliable app development company Quytech or hire dedicated developers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a wireframe UX?

Wireframe UX is the fundamental of software design; it shows you exactly where the blocks of data will display on the screen. It doesn’t include branding and designing; conveys a simple arrangement of elements though.

What is wireframe software?

This software is dedicatedly built for assisting you to mock up a frame quickly and hassle-freely. Using different wireframing tools, you can simply drag and drop elements that can help you draft your design.


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