Top 20 Growth Hacking Agencies — 2019

A list including the Locations, Core Services and Top Clients for 20 Growth Hacking Agencies.

During the early 2010s, growth hacking began to spread its wings. At that time, the number of startups was on the rise and growth hacking was their spell of success. Unlike traditional marketing companies, growth hacking agencies don’t believe in guessing game. The writer of Growth Hacker Marketing, Ryan Holiday puts it as:

“A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable.”

Many companies have now started to use such agencies to increase their key business metrics. Today all sizes of businesses from startup to enterprises need fast growth to stay in the competition. Here, growth hacking agencies could play a significant role. Growth hacking agencies work on goal and performance metrics. Here are a few companies that you should explore if you are looking to grow your business quickly. The list below is compiled based on the factors: Core Team, Experience, Clients, Cost, Services and Case Studies:


About the company: Voxturr is one of the fastest growing Growth Hacking Agencies. The team and advisory board have over 150+ years of combined experience in Growth Marketing, B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, and Media Buying. Voxturr specializes in services like Marketplace Marketing, Product Launches, E-Commerce Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, App Download Campaigns, Marketing Automation, and several other new-age marketing services.

Voxturr’s clientele ranges from early-age startups to large enterprise. Some of their clients include IBM, Dell, NTT, America’s Best Value Inn,, Sodexo and more.

Core Services: Marketplace Marketing, Digital Product Launch, App Launch, App Download Campaigns, B2B Campaigns, UI/UX and Convert Rate Optimization, Marketing Automation, Investor Campaigns, Social Media Automation, SEO, Content Marketing, Advance Analytics, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, UX for Growth, Inbound Marketing, Engineering as Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Consultation, Social Media Strategy and Placement, Website Design
Location: San Francisco,USA and Gurgaon,India

Top Clients: IBM, Dell, NTT, Sodexo, America’s Best Value Inn, Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator, Workly,, SpeakingHerbs


About Company: GrowthRocks is a growth hacking marketing agency that helps startups and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth. GrowthRocks has expanded its market into 16 countries, with having offices in Athens and London. Their team has developed a VC-backed startup called Viral Loops which is a SaaS platform for referral marketing with a 40% growth rate.

Services: Convert Rate Optimization, SEO Strategy, Content Marketing and Strategy, Actionable Analytics, Email Marketing, Performance Marketing, UX for Growth, Inbound Marketing, Engineering as Marketing, Outreaching Strategy, Referral, and Viral Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Social Selling, GDPR Compliance

Location: Athens, Greece and London, England

Top Clients: Avocarrot, Ismood, Hammam, Viral Loops, Vision Mobile, Sophia Suites, Ticketing Hub, Nannuka, GE Healthcare, Parenting Hugs, Concentric, Nestle, Live True, Nokia, Congress Rental Network, Get Qurious


About Company– NoGood is a team of growth hackers, engineers, and creatives who were tired of the “no-good” marketing fluff.

They specialize in B2B, SaaS, and eCommerce growth marketing and data analytics and have worked with clients such as IBM, P&G, American Express, Heineken, Southern Marsh, Harver, Ford, and Workzone.

Services– SEO, Facebook Advertising, PPC, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Video Marketing

Location– Brooklyn, USA

Clients– Facebook Ads, Hubspot, Google Ads, Hotjar, Shopify, Salesforce

Cro Metrics

About Company– Cro Metrics help companies grow through strategic and data-driven experimentation. They run A/B testing to help gain a competitive business advantage. Cro Metrics works with their clients on developing their overall growth strategy, while providing marketing, product, design, and engineering expertise to both growing startups and enterprise businesses.

Services– Website Optimization, Research & Analytics

Clients– Facebook, 99 Designs, Stella & Dot, Trulia, Metromile, Tory Burch, Doordash, Zendesk, Outdoor Voices, Viking, Unicef USA, Hired, Weight Watchers, Hint, Taulia, Mail Chimp, Earnest, General Assembly, Ad Council, Ultra Mobile, Goodbed, Tuft & Needle, Box, Bio Lite, New Pig, ExecRank, Giving Assistant, Seavees, Sierra Club, Smartling, Rickshaw Bagworks, Vector, GreenSky, Pebble, The Met, Imperva Incapsula, Freshdirect, Tintri, Brooklinen, Healthy Paws, Appboy, Leankit, LendUp, AliMed, Fuzebox, Coldwell Banker, Greats, Regent, Infusionsoft, The Penny Hoarder, Alexis Bittar, Borrowell, Tree Hut, Proxibid, Zwift, Crexi, Alteryx, Jewish National Fund, Blurb, Freedom, Puppy Spot, Pgerduty, Udemy, Uship, Aritzia, RightNow Media, Lending Club, Good Eggs, Airbnb for Work, Honeylove, Best Egg, Pantheon, National Bankcard

Location– San Francisco, USA

BAMF Media

About Company: BAMF Media helps young startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies to achieve their growth goals. They extensively use various time marketing strategies to provide the best ROI to their clients.

Their client roster includes TEDx and Mindvalley to name a couple. In addition, they manage a community of marketer and founders that has over 23,000 members.

Services: Growth Strategy, B2B Hacking, Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Instagram Growth Hacking, LinkedIn Influencing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development

Location: Venice, USA

Clients: Forbes, Mashable, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed

The Growth Agency

About Company: The Growth Agency consists of a senior team of marketers with 10 years of experience. They are a data-driven company who work on the principle of a lean startup. They conduct experiments, analyze data, and scale up the work.

They create growth plans based on their client’s business KPIs and consider themselves an extension of their clients’ marketing teams. Some even consider them their CMO’s right hand.

Services: Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Growth Hacking, Growth Strategy, and Inbound Marketing.

Location: Antwerp,Belgium and Birkirkara,Malta

Clients: SipWell, WDP


About Company: Rockboost’s specialty is helping companies in rapid growth by using a data-driven approach. Their secret sauce is using their framework and growth hacking education and software.

They have helped in building an award-winning app called HAVI Connect.

Services: Growth Hacking Education, Consulting and Software

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Clients: Jumbo, 24kitchen, Hello print, Middlepoint, Duravermeer

Woodridge Growth

About Company: Woodridge Growth is New York City’s most prominent growth marketing agency. They drive results for billion-dollar companies and Fortune 500 companies and various startups. They develop and execute different strategies to provide ever-improving and more comprehensive services to their clients.

They differentiate itself from traditional marketing agencies. They are relentlessly focused on solving their client’s most pressing marketing challenges, and they maintain a fast-paced culture of experimentation that allows discovering new ways.

Services: Customer Acquisition, Growth Strategies, A/B Testing, Social Media Advertising, App Store Optimization, Audience Targeting, Copywriting, Multi-Channel Acquisition, Funnel Optimization

Location: New York City, USA

Clients: Goldman Sachs, FanDuel,, NYU


About Company: This firm combines creativity with data and strategy with practice. They believe that only real innovation can help the world progress. So, they help organizations in validating new propositions and scale their business.

Services: Growth hacking for SME, Corporates, and ScaleUps

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clients: Swivle Cloud Solutions, ABN AMRO, Flora Holland, Rabobank, Heppee

Growth Media

About Company– This firm reviews the existing marketing or advertising campaigns of various firms and provides valuable suggestions. They have successfully helped different TV print businesses and digital marketing strategies. They also offer individual advertising plans for multiple startups.

Services: Digital Marketing, TV, Print, Creative Solutions

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Clients: FastCompany, Bloomberg, Quora, Github, Lifehacker

Deviate Labs

About Company: Deviate Labs is a growth hacking consulting agency that has worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped startups to billion-dollar enterprises across every conceivable industry. Their clients include venture-backed startups like Dollar Shave Club, a half dozen companies featured on ABC’s reality TV show Shark Tank, a multi-billion dollar Korean conglomerate, and a world-renowned tattoo artist.

Deviate Labs is known for creatively cross-pollinating marketing tactics across industries and swiping emerging growth tactics from small startups and deploying them across large enterprises. They take help of a widely-adopted growth hacking framework, the Sales Flywheel. The Sales Flywheel was first introduced in the book, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret,”. The book was co-authored by Deviate Labs’ co-founders Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen.

Services: Go-to-market Strategies, Product Launch Plans, On-site Growth Hacking Presentations, Private Growth Hacking Training Sessions, Growth Financing use-of-proceeds Preparation, Marketing Allocation Analysis,Advertising Tactic Audits, Creative Growth Hacking Campaign Ideation, Marketing org Chart Optimizations /Retargeting, Celebrity Endorsements, Pay-per-Click Advertising (on a variety of exchanges), On-site Search Engine Optimization, Off-site Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Display Advertising, PPV Advertising, Direct ad buys, Co-marketing, App Store Optimization, A/B Split Testing, Advertising Analytics, Grassroots Digitally-focused PR, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Strategy, Investor Marketing, Conversion focused Design, Grey-hat SEO, Direct Mail, Sponsorship Strategies, Pre-roll Video

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Clients: Talkroute, Tipping Development, Alexander Marine USA, Lollaland, FollowUpThen, ABC Roofing Co., J. Harrington Construction


About Company: TrueUp provides extensive research in various social media opportunities like Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Bing, and App Store Ads. Their paid acquisition, conversion optimization, and data experts have delivered the lowest customer acquisition costs and highest conversion rates.

They transform the performance marketing strategy into a growth engine and provide the lowest CPAs simultaneously. TrueUp combines the collective power of data, psychology, and UX to quickly identify and validate the best conversion opportunities. They offer full agency service which includes Account Management, Graphic Design, Copywriting, and Data Analytics in addition to Front and Backend Programming.

Services: Paid Customer Acquisition, Conversion Rate Optimization, Full Agency Service

Location: London, England

Clients: Telefonica, Three Mobile, MoonPig


About Company: Ladder believes in the iterative way of thinking, building experiments, and validation by testing..They think that a scientific approach to advertising allows us to make better decisions. They use strategy and combine it with analytics to provide creative marketing solutions.

Services: Growth Strategist, Data Science and Automated Audits, SEO, Conversion Optimization

Location — New York, USA

Clients: Fitjoy, Los Angeles Times, facebook, Charitybuzz, Gotenna

Bell Curve

About Company: Bell Curve is a growth agency that offers hands-on training for Growth Hacking. They have worked with various companies with revenues from zero to millions. They’re well known for the most popular guide on growth. In addition, they’ve given talks at Google and Y Combinator.

Services: Growth Hacking Agency, Training and School for Practical Implementation.

Location: San Francisco, USA

Clients: Envoy, Streak, Perfect Keto, Clearbit, Outschool, Lamda Labs


About Company: Rainmakers helps various enterprise companies create ethical and compliant workplaces. They develop interactive training modules to change the monotonous experience into a learning one.

WorkSafe, their flagship solution helps these companies comply with the PoSH law. They have completely transformed the compliance training industry in India’s leading corporates and MNCs. They help corporates in building a safer workplace for women and a corruption-free environment.

They sometimes use ‘short-films’ to create a more exceptional experience. They believe that the transformative nature of online learning can provide quality education to the society.

Services: PoSH Online Training, PoSH Compliance, ​PoSH Audit, ​​Policy Vetting, ​IC Orientation, Awareness Workshop

Location: Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, India

Clients: HP, IOCL, COWI, Fluke, L&T, Tektronix

Kickass Growth

About Company: Kickass Growth is a creative growth marketing agency that works extensively with both small and large businesses. No two projects or budgets are the same, so they offer different price packages.

Services: SEO, Content and Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Email Marketing

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Clients: Platformax, SupremeTracks, Zeqr, ucraft

The Growth Revolution

About Company: The Growth Revolution is a growth hacking agency that provides the services of Experiential Marketing, Venture Validation, and Provision of a Growth Head, if required. They have helped various corporate giants like ING & Colruyt to reinvent their marketing departments and realize their growth potential.

Services: Interactive Marketing Plan, New Venture Validation, Evidence-based Marketing, Experimentation for new ways of Marketing.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Clients: Playmobil, Wolters Kluwer, Total, Bpost, Sony music, ING bank

We Are Off The Record

About Company: We Are Off The Record is a digital growth agency working out of Amsterdam. They help in shaping value propositions, kickstarting products, validating early user adoption, and build scalable businesses using historically robust frameworks and tools. They try to work in conjunction with founders and management teams to provide faster results and help them in adopting a growth mindset from the start.

Services: Branding & Positioning, Customer Development, Acquisition & Lead Generation, Onboarding & Activation, Funnel Optimization, Metrics and Analytics, Growth Process.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clients:, Fixico, Temper, InnerCircle


About Company: Rebelhack was founded in 2015 by three friends to help nurture great ideas by using data analysis and modeling. They believe in becoming a valuable component to the growth and success of businesses from the beginning, so they use agile Growth Marketing strategies and tactics to help in growing startups.

Services:Acquisition, SEO, Product optimisation, Funnel automation, Data intelligence

Location: London, England

Clients: Geniac, MindCandy, SuperCarers, Hubble, Claudi and Fin, Bubble

Growth Masters

About Company: Growth Masters help their clients work smarter than their competitors. and to achieve this goal they help their clients in establishing web services like Backend Development, Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management.

Services: Web Services, Web Design, Press Releases, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Consultant Financing, Reputation Management

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Clients: BotList, Nomad App, Hoverpin

These companies are among top growth hacking agencies. If you have any additions, feel free to comment!

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