Top 6 CoinMarketCap Alternatives

Top competitors to one of the top crypto brands.

Everyone in the crypto space knows CoinMarketCap. They have been the cornerstone to the crypto data community and the most trusted provider for market data for years. Yet, soon their reign may end. The winds of change are blowing and new teams are gunning for their shot at being crowned king of the crypto data market.

Becoming a competitive force will require differentiation from the pack. Let’s be honest — Most of the CoinMarketCap competitors are the same. Copying the core functionality of the leader without providing much of a new experience for users.

To provide some insight into the more unique competitors, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 CoinMarketCap alternatives that are most likely to dethrone them from the top spot.


(Editor’s Note: Shrimpy is associated with CoinOrderBook)

CoinOrderBook is a fresh take on cryptocurrency market data. Instead of trying to beat CoinMarketCap at their own game, CoinOrderBook seeks to change the game. Leveraging the free Shrimpy developer APIs for real-time market data, CoinOrderBook is the quickest way to get exact market data across every major exchange.

In addition to exchange asset listings, CoinOrderBook analyzes arbitrage opportunities, order book data, and trading pair spreads in real-time. Unlike other websites which consider updating on a 5-minute interval to be “real-time”, Shrimpy is blazing fast. Real-time for this website really means real-time.

Visit the website here.


Coinlore provides similar data to CoinMarketCap, but with their own twist on the algorithms used to calculate the various metrics. Some of these metrics include markets, volume, historical prices, charts, and blockchain info.

In addition to market data, this website provides a news feed, a list of top influential people in the crypto space, and other interesting tools.

Visit the website here.


Coinratecap is similar in ways to both CoinLore and CoinMarketCap. Providing the same market data at their core, they also bring insights into active ICOs and a list of blogs that discuss recent news events.

Visit the website here.


CoinGecko has differentiated themselves as a provider of not only crypto market data, but also data on community activity, open-source code development, and major events. This attempts to provide a holistic view of the cryptocurrency market. Instead of purely market data, CoinGecko brings a depth to asset research that’s not available on other platforms.

Visit the website here.


CoinCap is a website provided by ShapeShift. Offering market data for digital assets, users are able to keep informed on the latest market activity. Some of the insights CoinCap provides are market cap, 24-hour asset and exchange volumes, and supply availability. Supporting over 65 exchanges and 1,000 assets, the focus on simplicity really shines with this service.

Visit the website here.


BitInfoCharts offers an abundance of data on major digital assets. Anything from price to block time. Piled into a single UI, BitInfoCharts is a jungle of data. The biggest challenge for users visiting this website will be knowing where to begin. While the data may be overwhelming for some people, others might find it’s exactly what they’ve always wanted.

Visit the website here.


There is a range of solutions competing with CoinMarketCap to provide their own unique take on the crypto market. Anything from simple and focused applications to convoluted sites that make you feel like you’re wading through a forest of data.

In order to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each website, we’ve compiled the competitors into a single chart to compare their offerings.

The scoring for this chart ranges from 1 to 5. 5 being the best score you can receive.

What we find is most services have copied the functionality that’s provided by CoinMarketCap. Instead of defining their own vision for the future of crypto data, they’ve elected to take the path of least resistance and directly compete. The two exceptions were CoinOrderBook and BitInfoCharts, which have blazed new trails while searching for a better way to present data.

The future of crypto is bright. As these services compete for market share, we will see new products emerge that will continue to improve the experience of crypto investors and active traders. We’re excited to see how this space evolves!

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