Cross-platform Mobile App Development Tools & Frameworks To Play With

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With increasing demand of apps in the market, it is advisable for all small businesses and startups to give a push to their businesses with the latest mobile app technologies. And, cross-platform mobile app development frameworks can be the best option for them now after iOS and Android.

Budget can be another and most important factor to consider while choosing cross-platform mobile app development over native app development. It not only saves time but also develops interactive applications that will bring good ROI to your business and thus increases chances of getting success with low investment. 

There are some other major benefits of developing apps with cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. Some of these are listed below:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
  2. Easy hosting
  3. Consistency in UI Components
  4. Shorter time-to-market
  5. Fewer technical barriers
  6. Code re-usability

In this blog, we have discussed some major cross-platform mobile app development frameworks that every business must look at. 

Checkout the list of Top cross platform Mobile App Development Tools & Frameworks here :- 

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Google has launched Flutter and is an open source mobile application development SDK. It is a popular multi-platform mobile app development framework and is written in the Dart language.

However, when it comes to choosing the framework for a mobile app development, it can be considered as the most suitable for the development of hybrid applications. It also uses the 2D rendering engine called Skia to develop the images.

The images resemble the design of materials and the Cupertino style. It’s also much easier to test your project on Flutter. You do not have to restart your project if there is an error.

Business benefits with Flutter mobile app development framework is given as:

  • With Flutter, easy to test your project
  • Develops the visuals with 2D rendering engine
  • Best suited for the development of the hybrid apps
  • No need to restart project if there is any mistake
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For developing cross-platform apps with speed, it has proven to be an amazing mobile app development tool.

This tool comes with an open-source SDK. It deploys a JavaScript codebase. You can use platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry to create your apps. Infact, it supports hybrid apps as well as HTML5 applications. 

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Ionic is one of the widely used mobile app development frameworks for application development. The interesting thing about this framework is that it is free. It is usually a client-side framework that helps create native applications with a combination of HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The ionic framework is also compatible with the latest mobile devices and prepares a solid foundation for the mobile application before its final market launch. It also works best with PhoneGap and Cordova.

Some of its business benefits are given below:

  • It is easily maintainable
  • It is free of cost
  • It supports the latest mobile devices
  • Helps in building native-based apps
  • A robust ground for the mobile app is preferred
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In case you are planning to develop a hybrid application, you should keep this framework in the top of your priority list.

You can develop applications for almost all major operating systems, in addition to Android and iOS. It also has the advantage of adding more features with the addition of add-ons. Moreover, this amazing framework not only offers the best performance in its class, but also offers developers freedom to work without hardware restrictions.

List of its business benefits given below:

  • Offers best-in-class features
  • Add more functionality with its plugins 
  • Best choice for hybrid app development
  • Can develop apps for all operating systems
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Monocross is an amazing mobile app development tool for building interesting mobile applications for tablets and smartphones.

It gives developers complete access to the native device APIs when it is coding using c#. It is open-source and supports Microsoft, .NET, C# and Mono framework. 

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It is one of the other popular multi platform mobile app development frameworks that the king of social networks “Facebook” has launched. Although it started three years ago in 2013, it has become one of the preferred options for mobile application developers.

React Native is basically an open source framework that offers broad support for IDEs and other mobile application development tools. It is supposed to be one of the optimal JavaScript frameworks to create native applications for Android and iOS platforms.

Its various business benefits are listed below:

  • Efficient Web development with React Native
  • Less Memory Usage
  • It is extremely fast as compared to other frameworks
  • An open-source framework
  • Offers a lot of Plugins
  • Components are reusable
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This mobile application development framework combines the implementation of the two frameworks namely Bootstrap and Angular framework. It also simplifies the development process and thus you can easily build applications using HTML5.

Using this mobile app development framework, the developers can also make use of fastclick.js and overthrow.js that offer a perfect experience. Also, this is a free framework.

Some of its major business benefits are given below:

  • First of all, it is free
  • Accomplish the better and versatile user experience
  • Develops apps which are touch-enabled and responsive
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This mobile app development tool is used to create native mobile applications, multiplatform and enterprise apps. It allows mobile app developers to easily develop, debug, generate and test apps. Using Rho connects, they can even access data in the offline mode.

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Microsoft introduced the Xamarin mobile application development tool/framework, based in San Francisco.

To take full advantage of Xamarin, developers must learn to carry out the C # code base and so develop useful applications for iOS, Android and Windows.

You can even share these codes with the help of Windows and Mac OS platforms. Since it allows the benefit of code sharing, developers can save a lot of time.

  • Saves lots of the time
  • Using cloud services, can be tested on multiple devices
  • Offers amazing interface development tools
  • Recently entered into partnership contracts with Xoriant, IBM
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It is another wonderful mobile app development tool/framework which build cross-platform mobile applications. In Javascript, it provides native APIs and also provides support for TypeScript and Angular.js 2. 

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It is ten times faster compared to when compared with other mobile app development frameworks. One of the important aspects is that it is compatible with Lua which is a lightweight programming language to offer speed, ease of use and flexibility for developing applications.

So, this can be your best choice if you have to code at a good speed without understanding the quality of the application. In addition, it is also free and is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Its major business benefits are provided below:

  • Free as compared to other mobile app development frameworks
  • Light-weight programming platform
  • Comes with simplicity of use
  • Offers fast speed and adaptability to create apps


So far we have come across with 7 major cross platform mobile app development tools and frameworks. The list above would surely help your business grow by 10 times. By selecting the right mobile app development tool & platform for your next development projects would surely bring you many business benefits. 

Now waiting for what. Just pick any of the above listed mobile app development frameworks as per your budget and business needs. You can also leverage benefits of top mobile app development services from reputed mobile app development companies in order to get this job done in an efficient manner.

For any other queries or doubts, you can ask via commenting in the comment box. Thanks.

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