Top 10 Blockchain Companies in India & US

Since its inception, blockchain technology has just transformed the way financial transactions happen by the companies. Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention that provides the best way to record & transfer data that is transparent, auditable, safe, & resistant to outages.

As per the graph shown above, it can be seen how blockchain adoption had skyrocketed in the past years and is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years.

With its growing popularity and ever increasing demand, blockchain applications have now entered the mainstream market. This has, therefore, resulted in the growing demand for reputed and renowned top blockchain development companies. These are the companies who acknowledge that blockchain technology holds immense potential that may help them and their customers grow, as well as get a competitive edge.

However, when you select what blockchain company to hire, it’s always a big challenge. First, you need to find a company that would cater to the requirements of your business. Then, blockchain-related questions would start counting: What programming language and platform to choose? Which of the modifications are important and which can be optional? What’s of the highest priority for your blockchain solution — multifunctionality, scale, or speed?

I am an experienced blockchain developer, and having worked as a developer in a software company for around 15+ years, I am now at a position to help the enterprises, ISVs, business owners about some of the best blockchain companies. With my experience and expertise, I am sure that this checklist will surely help you in taking the right decision.

This list is prepared based on some of the decision making factors like contractual models and services offered, core areas of expertise, and ability to access the services provided. Remember, you just cannot compromise on these aforementioned aspects to make a right decision.

To make your task more easy, I have mentioned top 10 best known blockchain development firms in India and US. My research is based on the ratings provided on Goodfirms and Clutch platforms. The other parameters that I have taken into consideration are:

Size of the team

Years in the industry

Cost of the services

Experience and understanding of the market standards and business development

Reference by customers, media, and other organizations

Let’s Begin…

  1. PixelCrayons ( Has maintained the top position since 5+ years)
  2. SoluLab Inc ( Ranked higher in the top companies list)
  3. ArcTouch ( Expensive but provides quality solutions)
  4. Sofocle Technologies (Maintained the same position)
  5. ABES Lab (Moved one position down since last year)
  6. Cyber Infrastructure Inc (Same position)
  7. Ftechiz Solutions (Relatively costly)
  8. Technoloader (Same position)
  9. Prolitus (Same position)
  10. Kamtor (Same position)

Let’s now understand the working process and services provided by these companies one by one:

Rank 1: PixelCrayons: An award-winning blockchain development company based in India

Founded in the year 2004 in India, PixelCrayons made its mark in the competitive industry within a few years of its inception. Their efficient and talented team of experienced professionals is dedicated to provide a wide range of blockchain development services to its global customers. You can hire blockchain developers from PixelCrayons since they have great expertise in the areas of smart contracts, initial coin offering, bitcoin, hyperledger, cryptocurrencies, ethereum, and IoT in blockchain.

The company is also known for providing valuable advice to businesses, startups, ISVs who are looking to gain something big in the industry. Their team of blockchain developers, blockchain marketers, designers, and consultants know how to utilize the effective tools to help their customers work in a decentralized environment.

Trust, transparency, resilience, and efficiency are some of the major USPs of their blockchain based apps that are widely loved and appreciated by the customers globally. Their blockchain developers know exactly how to create various types of Cryptocurrency Wallets which are used for storing, transacting, and recording in demand transformative currency.

The company has enlisted big clients like Puma, Vodafone, Adobe, Warner Bros, etc., in its kitty. One thing that makes this company stand different from others is their level of adapting new technologies instantly and they make sure to deliver all their client projects right on time. Not only blockchain, the company also provides web development services for other technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Ecommerce applications, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, etc.

Rank 2: SoluLab Inc: A blockchain development agency in US

SoluLab is a reputed software firm with blockchain expertise. It specializes in blockchain application development, money transfer solutions, enterprise cryptocurrency platforms, and loyalty programs. The company caters to retail, healthcare, high tech, and Ecommerce organizations. The best blockchain development organization must obtain a deep domain knowledge, and this is exactly what SoluLab has managed to do over these years in different business verticals.

Their expertise extends to Big Data, QA automation, AI, hybrid apps & DevOps. As blockchain solutions usually require expertise in several IT domains, this is another plus for SoluLab Paired with the amount of experienced experts and their wide-ranging skill sets, this company can be an option for big enterprises looking into blockchain solutions and blockchain ecosystems. All of this makes this company a top blockchain development company with a great knowledge experience in the field.

Rank 3: ArcTouch: A cryptocurrency solution provider based in US

Founded in the year 2008, ArcTouch is a reputed blockchain development company which has achieved indefeasible feats in the industry. It has helped various businesses transform the way their organization processes function. Their core services are related to blockchain development domain, including blockchain app development, blockchain consultation, smart contracts & marketing services for ICO.

The company focuses on fulfilling all the financial operations and functions as per the client’s requirements. The agency’s core focus is on blockchain technology and also includes some core services & manages business needs. The company focuses on R and D of innovative technology solutions. They transform the contract management process to a fully automated process to provide easy approval execution.

Rank 4: Sofocle Technologies: A global blockchain development company

Sofocle Technologies is a global blockchain development company in India that provides all sorts of crypto coin arrangement and application wallet development services to fulfill their customer needs. As they have been underscoring upon from their inception, they offer the most important and services to their global clients. They have possessed the capacity to achieve the peak in the industry & pick up generosity in addition to the trust and confidence of the clients.

They hold a great potential of working with a range of financial sector firms. They believe that blockchain technology can do wonders by fulfilling the scalability and longevity needs of a business.

Rank 5: ABES Lab: A leading blockchain development company

This company is a dedicated lab of R & D experts for blockchain applications for a software development company. It offers a full range of services which include design, blockchain consulting, services and applications development, smart contracts, and support and maintenance.

The company’s experts are able to handle the intricacies of the blockchain projects very well and offer their customers a solution according to their needs. In a nutshell, they can play an important role in transforming your business to achieve great success by making your business processes all the more effective.

Rank 6: Cyber Infrastructure Inc: A global blockchain development enterprise

This company’s services are designed to take any business to a next level by reducing the gap between the individual and the success that they wish to achieve.

The company has the right expertise to help you with all your technology needs. They have consistently delivered the optimal solutions for the wide-ranging global client base.

CIS has established as a leading name in providing innovative technology services and solutions that always adhere to latest technology trends and globally recognized standards.

Rank 7: Ftechiz Solutions: Enterprise blockchain development company

This company helps the clients leverage the strength of blockchain technology for their businesses. They make it seamless for customers to break the old paradigm of centralized consensus & replace it with distributed blockchain paradigm in order to power numerous range of applications.

The company keeps on working for the development of new and innovative technological solutions by providing a great balance between economic sustainability and technology for the start-ups.

Rank 8: Technoloader: Mobile and Blockchain experts

Technoloader is an emerging company known to deliver best blockchain solutions to all of their clients worldwide.

This company uses different techniques and tools for operating cryptocurrency. By creating a blockchain platform everywhere, the company aims at focusing on the financial requirements. According to their customers, this company provides the best blockchain development around financial requirements.

Rank 9: Prolitus: A complete blockchain development service provider

As a blockchain development company, Prolitus focuses on fulfilling all financial operations & functions as per the client’s requirements and needs. This company’s core focus is on blockchain technology and also includes some core services and manages business requirements.

Their core focus is to provide a wide range of blockchain services to its clients worldwide Their main aim is to help organizations to achieve their objectives with blockchain app development.

Rank 10: Kamtor: Crypto Exchange and Blockchain development company

Kamtor is a USA-based blockchain development company with a solid background of developing result-oriented and innovative software applications.

They mainly focus on helping startups & businesses turn their imaginations & dreams into a profitable reality by creating a feasible blockchain project development plan, and presenting a realistic budget & also, then doing their best to stick with the specific timeframe while delivering the best possible solutions and applications to their clients.


With a variety options available at your disposal, choosing one of the best blockchain development service company should not be a problem. Now that I have listed the top blockchain development firms in India & USA, choosing the one that best fits your needs should not be a problem.

The major things you must be focusing on should be the areas of expertise and budget of the company you wish to associate with. Not all the companies in the market can meet up to your expectations; hence, you need to be careful while deciding your technology partner. After all, it has to be worth every single penny you plan to spend.

Truly speaking, if you exactly know what you need, choosing the blockchain development organization will not be an issue at all.

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