Top Industries Which Can Benefit From Augmented Reality App Development

best Augmented Reality App Development

Pokemon Go app has already attained massive success in the long run. Due to the boom of Pokemon Go game, augmented reality development has attained massive plenty of popularity in mobile application world. The gaming industry is considered to be the pioneer in the development of augmented reality mobile application. This industry aids you to:

  • Set up new ways to present your business services and products
  • Improve engagement with the mobile app
  • Improve the UX

Augmented reality app development has started to prove that it’s worth the effort and cost. It started to overwhelmingly have an impact on education, gaming, retail and real estate. Here, let us discuss how to create augmented reality application & utilize it in varying industries apart from the gaming sector.

Classifying Handheld Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality provides several possibilities for educational and learning processes. AR provides an effectual cognition method with effective and appealing real-life simulations. By adding more challenging and visual objects for the children, education turns out to be more enjoyable. AR has taken plenty of steps to implement digital world into the paper & provide physical objects with 3D or multiple views which is quite useful for thorough understanding. Since from olden days, children might have learned from the blackboard, video, and paper but now they can engage deeply into the subject because AR can create movable objects in an impressive way.

2.Real Estate

Augmented Reality is known as a superimposition of computerized images or existing environs to make them highly interactive. AR app is quite useful for real estate sector because it is considered to be the game changer in realty industry. It makes the prospective buyers inspect properties as completed products although they are still under construction phase through 3D videos in a 360-degree angle. By making use of this technology, real estate firms which have properties in construction phase may provide you an appropriate idea on how the homes will look and when it will get ready. With a simple mouse click, clients can view changes in the property by modifying the wall color or by including some significant furniture in the house.

3. Retail

Augmented reality is quite useful for retail industries. The main objective of this app is to boost up the sales rate & assist customers to take more informed decisions. By utilizing this advanced technology, the sales representative can able to display their products in a realistic way directly to the consumer environment. Furthermore, you can able to share the product catalogs easily than ever before & hence customer can get access to updated information.

4. Manufacture

Augmented Reality app development can provide & speed up the building process in the manufacturing sector. For example, managers can view the actual work progress by making using of AR markers on equipment in real time. Moreover, it can save more time by employing digital maps and plants. With this app, you can able to boost up the productivity and performance in various fields like:

  • Expert support
  • Quality assurance
  • Maintenance
  • Complex assembly

Main Types Of Augmented Reality Apps

The developers of AR app usually prefer between 2 types of augmented reality mobile apps such as location-based and market-based.

1. Marker-based Apps

This app works on the basis of the image recognition feature. Moreover, the app must identify some specific patterns to run AR technology using the camera. It might be anything such as 3D markers, QR code, some image or many others. When the pattern is identified, it is overlaid with an AR object. The orientation, position & other characteristics depend upon the marker.

2. Location-based Apps

Location-based AR reaps advantage from the location detection features of smart devices. This kind of app does not require any specific marker to work. In addition to the camera, it depends upon numerous detectors like accelerometers, digital compasses, GPS and so on for identifying the position and location.

How To Choose The Right AR SDK?

The availability of SDK is quite long so it is considered to be the trickiest task to choose the appropriate one. To decide the right one, you need to choose the best tool for AR app development as per the functionality of the mobile application. There are numerous criteria which you have to pay attention.

1. The Type of License

Money! That is what every entrepreneur must consider first so you have to analyze what type of licenses every AR SDK provides. In usual cases, there are commercial and free licenses available. The free functionality is usually limited so you can prefer for a commercial license which is needed to create a rich-functionality mobile app. There is also open-source AR software available through which developers can include and contribute more functions.

2. Supported Platforms

While choosing the AR SDK, you need to check it with a platform which seems to be suitable to work with. Of course, any SDK seems to support both Ios and Android OS. But, what will you do, if you plan to develop an AR app for windows mobile or Microsoft Hololens? Some Augmented Reality SDKs are found to be highly compatible with UWP (Universal Windows Platform) which will facilitate you to develop AR application for Windows-operated computers and smartphones. There is plenty of augmented reality platform which facilitates you to create Augmented Reality application for macOS. Though, if you are not in need of those functions you may need in the future.

3. 3D Tracking

3D tracking support is important to a segment of marker-based Augmented Reality apps. It allows you to identify 3D real-life objects such as furniture, toys, cylinders, cups, boxes and many more. It massively expands the changes for AR in mobile apps. For instance, 3D object tracking feature can be utilized for developing AR apps and mobile games for e-commerce.

4. Smart Glasses Support

Today, most of the AR apps function via Smartphone so that users can able to view the virtual objects on the mobile screen. But, there is a distinct way to superimpose AR objects directly to the real world through smart glasses. The smart glasses have been becoming a highly popular choice to create AR mobile apps and hence it allows hands-free experience on AR.

Top 3 AR Application Development SDKs

Here are the top 3 AR SDKs which exist currently and are used to create fantastic apps for smartphones, smart glasses, and tablets.

1. Vuforia

Vuforia is regarded as the most famous platforms to aid you to work with AR development that identifies 2D planar image & various kinds of visual objects such as a plane, cylinder, and box & environment recognition. One of the biggest benefits is that its cloud recognition service makes you use either cloud or local databases to process image recognition. It introduces next-generation object recognition, Google’s ARCore, ground plane detection and support for Apple’s ARKit.

Vuforia Functions:

  • On-device & cloud recognition
  • 2D & 3D object recognition
  • Virtual buttons that turn different surfaces into touchscreens
  • Video playback
  • Mapping extra elements through OpenGL

2. Apple ARKit

Ios 11 recently introduces ARKit, an innovative framework which let you to easily develop unmatched AR experiences for iPod and iPhone. By mixing digital objects & information with the existing environment, ARKit tends to takes your app beyond the mobile screen and make it interact freely with the real world in new ways.

ARKit operates on Apple A11, A10, and A9 processors. It makes use of VIO (Virtual Inertial Odometry) to easily track the world accurately around it. VIO combines core motion data with camera sensor data. It can able to identify horizontal places such as floors and tables and can track & place objects on small feature points. Furthermore, you can reap the advantage of the ARKit optimizations in SceneKit, Metal & 3rd party tools such as unreal engine and unity.

ARKit Provides:

  • Scale estimations
  • Place estimation with simple boundaries
  • Stable, fast motion tracking
  • Sensor fusion and SLAM tracking
  • Ambient lighting estimation

3. Wikitude

Wikitude is usually known as a topmost tool for creating AR app for iOS and Android. Wikitude SDK seems to be the commercial solution however it is found with a free trial with some sort of limitation such as Wikitude logo in camera view. Wikitude SDK cross-platform AR combines 3D markerless tracking technology, image recognition & tracking object recognition & tracking as well as Geo-location. It is quite easy to create location-based and marker-based AR apps.

Wikitude Features:

  • Cloud Recognition
  • Instant tracking
  • 3D-tracking technology
  • Object Recognition
  • Image recognition & tracking

Build AR Application with Indestry

INDE is considered to be the world’s topmost augmented reality company for offering high-quality services to the customers. The company ensures to develop immersive and award-winning interactive products & experiences in advertising, education, and the environment. They tend to create AR app using the emerging technologies such as motion capture, computer vision and augmented reality to develop a next-generation platform which changes the way how people interact with the digital world.

Readymade Solution four Have

INDE’s readymade solution includes massive varieties ranging from dinosaurs to killer whales. This award-winning system implements a highly interactive, customizable 3D augmented reality experience on small or large screen. You can get readymade solution depending upon your need and requirements. AR creates a distinct edutainment & media platform which is capable of providing educating, engaging and attracting object for groups and individuals through the combination of digital content and the real world.


With aid of INDE service provider, you can able to meet your AR needs easily. AR development has the utmost potential for several industries. However, AR technology can gradually enhance the UX, improve user engagement and set up an innovative way to present services and products to the audience. Therefore, make use of the best app developer to come up with the desired augmented reality mobile app depending upon your need.

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