[Explority Picks] Our Top 30 Outsourcing Software Development Companies in 2019

Last year, the global outsourcing market was valued at at 85.6 billion US dollars. A notable part of this market, outsourcing software development is not subsiding either.
The reasons behind this upward trend are understandable: according to the Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2018, businesses turn to outsourcing as it brings cost optimization and makes them more agile, efficient, and effective.

With the growing popularity of outsourcing as a service, hundreds of IT companies started positioning it as one of their core capabilities and strengths. But do all of these firms prove to be so skilled in delivering outsourcing software development?

To help you define who’s who in today’s outsourcing market, we have assembled the list of the most trustworthy vendors ready to handle software development, UI/UX design, and disruptive technologies. To make the list objective, we ranked the companies according to the following criteria:

  1. technological strength
  2. ability to ensure project security
  3. focus on innovation
  4. diversity and complexity of completed projects
  5. geographical flexibility

Below, we present 30 outsourcing software development companies that have showed the highest scores in these criteria over the last 12 months.

1. Iflexion

Founded in 1999, Iflexion houses 850+ experts in outsourcing software development, integration, business analysis, QA, and project management. Iflexion delivers such services as custom software development for end business users, product development, and DevOps enablement, among others.

The company also provides dedicated development teams and is ready to boost their software solutions with emerging technologies like AI, AR, and big data, should the project require it. Iflexion has worked with such market giants as Philips, Expedia, Toyota, and adidas, with more than 1,500 completed projects for clients in 30+ countries overall.

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Founded: 1999
  • Major Clients: Google, eBay, PayPal, Philips, Expedia, Toyota, adidas
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: IT, Hospitality, Retail, Media, Finance
  • Website: https://www.iflexion.com/

2. 10Pearls

With more than 350 mobile developers, software developers, designers, and researchers worldwide, 10Pearls augments businesses’ capabilities with their technological expertise.

10Pearls creates applications driven by such emerging technologies as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and augmented reality.

  • Location: Vienna, VA
  • Founded: 2004
  • Major Clients: National Geographic, Johnson & Johnson, AARP, Nextel
  • Number of Employees: 250-999
  • Industry Presence: Healthcare, Media, Finance, Transportation
  • Website: https://10pearls.com/

3. Orases

Since 2000, Orases has been delivering strategy, branding, interface design, and full-stack outsourcing software development to more than 750 clients from ten countries all around the world.

The company expertizes in building products to be integrated with other systems: ERP, CRM, EMR, and others. Orases also delivers branding services, including brand, communication and social media strategies.

  • Location: Frederick, MD
  • Founded: 2000
  • Major Clients: NFL, Johns Hopkins University, Frederick County Bank, Major League Baseball
  • Number of Employees: 10-49
  • Industry Presence: Healthcare, Finance, Sports
  • Website: https://orases.com/

4. Trigent Software

US-based Trigent Software has been providing outsourcing software development since 1995. The company delivers consulting, design, and development across cloud, mobility, business intelligence, product engineering, and emerging tech domains.

Over the years, the company have designed more than 400 products adopted in large and small enterprises alike.

  • Location: Fayville, MA
  • Founded: 1995
  • Major Clients: Navistar, NEPC, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, American Heart Association
  • Number of Employees: 250-999
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Healthcare, IT, Education, Transportation
  • Website: https://www.trigent.com/

5. Spiria

Spiria is a Canadian custom software development company that has been delivering outsourcing software development for more than 15 years. Spiria offers web, mobile and UX/UI design development.

Spiria specializes in user-friendly and responsive websites, from ecommerce stores to secure intranets. The company also delivers embedded systems, IoT solutions, and M2M solutions.

  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Founded: 2003
  • Major Clients: Autodesk, Shutterstock, Disney, Paymi, DogWatch, Evenko
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: IT, Education, Manufacturing
  • Website: https://www.spiria.com/

6. Fingent

With an active client base across four continents and 250+ specialists on board, Fingent remains a competitive outsourcing software development company for over 15 years.

They offer enterprise software development, web application development, data analytics, and digital transformation consulting.

  • Location: White Plains, NY
  • Founded: 2003
  • Major Clients: Sony, Johnson & Johnson, University of North Carolina, PwC, CBN
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Transportation, Real Estate, Finance
  • Website: https://www.fingent.com/

7. STX Next

Poland-based STX Next has 170+ Python, React Native, JavaScript, Android, iOS, and full-stack developers ready to take up outsourcing software development. The company also offers product design and software testing.

STX Next offers end-to-end development, team extension, and project takeover. It also works with startups, helping them enter the market and scale throughout product lifecycles.

  • Location: Poznań, Poland
  • Founded: 2005
  • Major Clients: Seerene, Verve, Pixomondo, Unity, Lamden
  • Number of Employees: 250-999
  • Industry Presence: Finance, IT, Real Estate
  • Website: https://stxnext.com/

8. Praxent

Operating for more than 20 years, Praxent has delivered more than 300 software solutions in the areas of mobile and web applications development, web portals, and legacy software modernization. Besides, Praxent offers human-centered design development, branding, and rapid prototyping.

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Founded: 2000
  • Major Clients: Cisco, Kinder Morgan, Sysco, World Market, Flex, Keller Williams
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Healthcare, IT
  • Website: https://praxent.com/

9. The Software House

With 129 specialists on board and 150+ successfully delivered projects, The Software House offers the following services in the niche of outsourcing software development: web and mobile development, digital product design, QA, and DevOps services.

The Software House’s technological expertise includes React, Node.js, Angular, iOS, Android, and React Native.

  • Location: Gliwice, Poland
  • Founded: 2012
  • Major Clients: Smartum, Synerise, eSky
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare
  • Website: https://tsh.io/

10. AgileEngine

Over the past nine years, AgileEngine has delivered more than 70 projects in outsourcing software development, including risk modeling and case management software, tracking platforms, and BI tools.

Besides UI, web, mobile, and enterprise software development, AgileEngine provides QA services that include load, stress, performance, security, and usability testing.

  • Location: McLean, VA
  • Founded: 2010
  • Major Clients: Needles, Logi Analytics, Farmers Edge, LivingSocial
  • Number of Employees: 250-999
  • Industry Presence: IT, Healthcare
  • Website: https://agileengine.com/

11. Highland Solutions

Established in 1999, Highland Solutions is a Chicago-based custom software development company that engineers and integrates web and mobile applications, multi-tenant custom platforms, and CRM systems.

Highland Solutions also offers development of OutSystems low-code platforms that automate time-consuming and monotonous manual tasks.

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Founded: 1999
  • Major Clients: Thrivent Financial, The Delta Institute, Morton Arboretum, Creative Group, Harvard University Health Services
  • Number of Employees: 10-49
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, IT
  • Website: https://highlandsolutions.com/

12. Merixstudio

Since 1999, Merixstudio has provided outsourcing software development to more than 200 customers from a variety of market segments.

The company specializes in web development, Python programming, frontend development, React Native mobile development, and UX/UI design.

  • Location: Poznań, Poland
  • Founded: 1999
  • Major Clients: Fox, The Independent, DFJ, Divio
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Education, Real Estate, Sport
  • Website: https://www.merixstudio.com/

13. Caxy Interactive

Serving outsourcing software development from its Chicago-based office, Caxy Interactive expertizes in Drupal, JavaScript, and Python development, ecommerce solutions, and machine learning.

The company also offers strategy development and Agile consulting services. Besides, Caxy Interactive takes up UX and web design projects.

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Founded: 1999
  • Major Clients: International Code Council, The Field Museum, Rush University Medical Center, Uptake Technologies
  • Number of Employees: 10-49
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Education, Manufacturing, IT
  • Website: https://www.caxy.com/

14. Boldare

Founded in 2004, Boldare was formed after a merger of two companies, XSolve and Chilid. So far, the company’s team of 130+ technological experts have delivered 250+ projects.

Boldare provides full-cycle outsourcing software development, prototyping, and design. It also offers digital transformation services.

  • Location: Gliwice, Poland
  • Founded: 2004 Major Clients: BlaBlaCar, Sonnen, Takamol, Holiday Taxis, Agnito
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Energy, Media, Ecommerce, Healthcare
  • Website: https://www.boldare.com/

15. MojoTech

US-located MojoTech outsourcing software development and engineering, UX/UI design, and digital transformation services. Besides, the company mentors their clients’ in-house IT teams.

For more than 11 years of their market presence, MojoTech’s team of 65 delivered 150+ software development projects.

  • Location: Providence, RI
  • Founded: 2008
  • Major Clients: AccuWeather, Aetna, Groove, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Way
  • Number of Employees: 10-49
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Consumer Services, IT
  • Website: https://www.mojotech.com/

16. ClearSummit

ClearSummit is a company offering mobile and web app development, frontend and backend development, and UI/UX design. The company also offers discovery and technical advisory consultations.

Additionally, ClearSummit offers software maintenance and support services to help clients fix bugs and upgrade their systems.

  • Location: Marina del Rey, CA
  • Founded: 2014
  • Major Clients: Belkin, TuneRegistry, SCH Travel, Musea
  • Number of Employees: 10-49
  • Industry Presence: Consumer Services, IT, Media, Real Estate
  • Website: http://clearsumm.it

17. Future Processing

Established in 2000, Future Processing have delivered 500 solutions to 150+ clients from all over the world. The company’s expertise in outsourcing software development includes software development and consulting using .NET, Java, React, Angular, and other programming languages.

The company brings to its clients such emerging technologies as AI, blockchain, and big data analytics, and delivers software audit and business intelligence setup.

  • Location: Gliwice, Poland
  • Founded: 2000 Major Clients: Tenneco, Ista, Valeo, TechSoup, Thomas Miller
  • Number of Employees: 250-999
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Real Estate
  • Website: https://www.future-processing.com/

18. Moove It

Being a leading outsourcing software development company, Moove It offers product discovery, web and mobile apps development, testing automation, as well as digital transformation services.

Besides these, the company provides technological and Agile coaching.

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Founded: 2006
  • Major Clients: Unilever, Verifone, Disney, Sierra Wireless
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Consumer Services, Education, Finance, Healthcare, IT
  • Website: https://moove-it.com/

19. iTexico

Since its inception in 2010, iTexico has been delivering UI/UX design, software engineering, QA, mobile and cloud development from its six US-based offices.

To make their outsourcing software development as efficient as possible,
iTexico follows Agile, DevOps, and Lean methodologies.

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Founded: 2010
  • Major Clients: Undisclosed
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing
  • Website: https://www.itexico.com/

20. Django Stars

European company Django Stars has been delivering its software solutions for almost 11 years. The company offers web and mobile app development, design, and QA. Django Stars also expertizes in data science, data architecture, intelligent chatbots, and big data analytics.

The company’s core strength is in its Python development expertise: Django Stars promises to create any type of product using this programming language.

  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Founded: 2008
  • Major Clients: MoneyPark, Sindeo, Molo Finance, Clear Minds
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Transportation, Healthcare, Real Estate, Hospitality
  • Website: https://djangostars.com

21. Spire Digital

US-based Spire Digital boasts 300+ products launched and 600+ clients served to an overall 98% satisfaction rate.

The company delivers digital transformation, Agile process optimization, CX research, data science consulting, and lean product development. Besides all of these and expertise in AI, blockchain, and IoT, Spire Digital offers digital marketing strategy development.

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Founded: 1998
  • Major Clients: TomTom, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, Helix, Western Union
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Education, Finance, Healthcare, Ecommerce
  • Website: https://www.spiredigital.com/

22. KitelyTech

Delivering to clients of all sizes, including startups and Fortune 500 companies, KitelyTech offers web and mobile app design, ecommerce solutions, data analytics consulting, QA, and more. The company offers SEO services as well.

Among the emerging technologies that KitelyTech is offering, there are AI, blockchain, and AR.

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Founded: 2009
  • Major Clients: Karrot Health, Plastic Surgery Clinic of Chicago, Olympus, J.P. McMahon
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Healthcare, IT, Transportation
  • Website: https://kitelytech.com/

23. Table XI

US-based Table XI has been a trusted supplier of outsourcing
software development for over 16 years. The company provides digital strategy and product design, along with mobile and custom web development. So far, the company have joined forces with at least 100 global clients.

  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Founded: 2002
  • Major Clients: Dept. of Medicine of the Northwestern University, Journal for the American Medical Association, AccuWeather, Dickson
  • Number of Employees: 10-49
  • Industry Presence: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education
  • Website: https://www.tablexi.com/

24. Syberry

Having a 94% client retention rate, Syberry serves at least 20 industries in the US alone. The company provides a whole range of services, including custom software development, QA, business analysis, and technology consulting. Syberry’s expertise also includes cloud, ERP, SaaS, big data, blockchain, and IoT.

  • Location: Austin, TX
  • Founded: 2014
  • Major Clients: Bombardier, PayPal, Disney, Shell, Livestream
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Energy, Transportation
  • Website: https://www.syberry.com/

25. Vincit California

Vincit California is a 400+ employee company engineering mobile apps, web portals, and embedded systems. Besides, Vincit offers UX/UI design.

The company has seven offices around the world, which makes it specifically fit for global software development outsourcing.

  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Founded: 2007 Major Clients: Nokia, Logitech, Yamaha, Roadtrip Nation, Sigora, Fastems
  • Number of Employees: 250-999
  • Industry Presence: IT, Finance, Telecommunications
  • Website: https://www.vincit.com/

26. Napoleon IT

UK-located DCSL offers outsourcing software development, software and hardware integration, IT consulting, and ongoing system support.

The company’s other services include team augmentation, data migration, legacy software modernization, and others.

  • Location: Reston, VA
  • Founded: 2011
  • Major Clients: Unilever, Severstal, Russian Railways, Yamaha
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Retail, Ecommerce, Healthcare, Consumer Services
  • Website: https://napoleonit.com/

27. DCSL Software

UK-located DCSL offers software development, software and hardware integration, IT consulting, and ongoing system support.

The company’s other services include team augmentation, data migration, legacy software modernization, and others.

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 1994
  • Major Clients: WaterAid, Mitsubishi, Hospify, Abbott, Lidl, Pearson
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT
  • Website: https://www.dcslsoftware.com/

28. DockYard

Since 2010, DockYard has been delivering product strategy, UX, digital design, software development, software support, and maintenance services.

DockYard also provides QA and testing, team augmentation, and business analysis.

  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Founded: 2010
  • Major Clients: Netflix, Apple, NASDAQ, Zipcar, Fidelity Investments, Harvard University
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: IT, Transportation, Education
  • Website: https://dockyard.com

29. SoftwareMill

SoftwareMill helps its clients tackle IT challenges with outsourcing software development, data science, system integration, and analytics. The company delivers enterprise solutions, UI/UX design, mobile and web applications, and DevOps integration.

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Founded: 2009
  • Major Clients: Tipser, Knip, Flexys
  • Number of Employees: 50-249 Industry Presence: Finance, IT, Energy, Ecommerce
  • Website: https://softwaremill.com/

30. Tivix

Specializing in Agile development of cloud-connected web and mobile applications, Tivix is a US-based company housing 65+ experienced developers across six offices worldwide.

The company’s expertise in outsourcing software development includes API, database, Django, Angular, and React development.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Founded: 2008 Major Clients: Apple, Tesla, SolarCity, Zoetis, VMware
  • Number of Employees: 50-249
  • Industry Presence: Finance, IT, Consumer Services, Healthcare

What Does the Future Hold for Outsourcing Software Development Companies?

As time passes and businesses start looking for new technologies such as cognitive computing and RPA, some of these vendors can start lagging or cease delivering outsourcing at all. To keep the listing current and help you keep tabs on in this ever-changing market, we’ll continue monitoring the best outsourcing software companies. Stay tuned.

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