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If you are a researcher, certain tools can help you maximize your effort and get the best outcome. This article will take a closer look at the 5 best tools for researchers that you can find on the web.

Google Scholar

Top on the list of the best 5 tools for researchers is Google Scholar. This is a free online research tool. It was developed by Google and it is believed to be very important to every serious researcher. It works with an internet connection and computer.

Google Scholar is majorly an academic search engine. This is why it is easier for its users to search for every kind of academic literature on it. You can find journals, white papers, scientific articles, and patents on this tool. It allows you to manage your papers by yourself. 

This tool allows multiple libraries, so you can easily label each piece of research, and Google scholar will assist you with the rest. To make reading easier, it displays the version of the paper and citation numbers. The tool can tell you about other papers that have been previously cited about your current work.  

To crown it all, Google scholar will alert you any time someone cites your work. This tool will also give you a notification anytime there is a new paper or article relating to your field or a specific institution or individual. 


Next on the list is Mendeley. It is an essential tool in the field of scientific research. This powerful research tool is regarded as an academic social network for beginners. It allows beginners to collaborate and chat with other six million users all over the world. 

Mendeleev can assist you in managing your references and can also allow you to import papers from other tools like Google Scholar. Users have access to Mendeleev’s online database of academic papers and can add this to personal completed works. 

This research tool can create a bibliography automatically for you as you are creating your papers. Generated citations of other papers incorporated into your research on this tool are detailed and accurate.

Scan marker

Scan marker is mostly recommended for a traditional approach to research. It is a popular portable digital OCR reader. OCR is an acronym for Optical Character Recognition and is a device that can be used for reading pages of printed text and converting the pages of printed text into usable data. 

This tool is useful for research projects that involve older tomes that have not received a digital edition. The older OCR readers were burdensome devices as they were designed specifically to sit close to the PC and then scan the entire page once. Scan marker is different because it is a handheld device that can perfectly fit into coat pocket or bag.

This research tool can scan the page in real-time, then covert the page to text data that makes it easier for you to copy into your mobile device or PC. Hence, this will allow for easy manipulation. You can select paragraphs, whole pages of text, or individual sentences. The tool can allow you to translate to and from any language.  

Using this tool, you can easily translate foreign text without the help of a translator. Scan marker enables you to read back anything you have scanned any time you want.

IO Scout

This tool is believed to be a powerful tool for new sellers, startups, private labels, drop shippers, and existing sellers on Amazon.

IO Scout is assumed to be very accurate especially when it comes to determining the volume of products been sold. This tool has a database of over two hundred million products. So, it offers you access to tons of products. It provides accurate data and information that can be used to analyze market gaps and trends.

As an added advantage, it offers a straightforward and efficient way to discover products that have the highest demand but the lowest competition on the Amazon marketplace. 


This tool was earlier developed as a tool for novelists and screenwriters. But later it expanded its remit and it becomes an important application for every type of long-form writing such as dissertations and research articles. It is useful for unreadable research papers because it adds essential structure to the finished piece. 

With scrivener, you will be able to set up your layout depending on your wish, but Scrivener has a lot of extensive templates that you can select from. There is no need to complete your work in order because the templates will help you out. 

In conclusion, you can make your research easier by using any of these 5 best tools.

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My Name is Priya i am a game developer having 3 years exprience


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