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Get Notified when your brand/company/startup is mentioned on Social Media

Recently we decided to start trying harder to market our side project, – Get Notified when your business is mentioned on Reddit and more, and as part of that process we submitted it to a bunch of directory sites we found in an older article.

Now the problem we found is that many of these sites are actually down, only take paid submissions or are only for iOS/Android apps. We do not have an app yet so these are not relevant to us right now.

So, we decided to clean up the list and present it to you all to save you some time!

In our full article you can also find some additional helpful info about where to go to get it submitted and how easy it was, etc…

Some other quick tips from our experience:

Don’t post a link without a way to measure the results of it.

For every link we put on one of the directories sides we included a link with a referral code in it so we can see in our Google analytics when people visit from that link.

Also our application does track and extract these codes from the query strings of most pages users could land on. Then we store that code so that if they do signup we know how they most recently got to us.

For example for BetaList I will be putting this:

How were the results?

Well, the results are still developing but we started this process on March 10, 2021 and so far we haven’t seen any real serious results or traffic spike.

Now, you need to also keep in mind that MOST of these sites have not approved our submissions and that process can apparently take weeks or maybe even months. Also, we haven’t yet launched on some of the biggest sites sites which are Product Hunt, Hacker News, and possibly BetaList.

Worst case I think you can get some decent dofollow links from doing this.

Should you pay for any of the sites?

Definitely not!

We got very curious and so we decide to pay for one site:

We were featured on BetaPage on a Tuesday and got what seemed like quite a few upvotes, at least for their platform.

How many users did we sign up?

While we got a few hundred additional visits from BetaPage we saw no signups from it and no real results. They also give you a link that is NOFOLLOW so it’s not like you are getting a good link from them.

So, with all that in mind we highly advise not paying for any of these sites. It’s simply not worth it and your money would be better spent elsewhere.

If you know a good site we forgot please let us know in the comments

We would love to check it out!

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