Tradency Selected to Power CopyCash’s Blockchain Based “Social Travesting”

Tradency technology enables CopyCash to provide a transparent social trading and copytrading platform for foreign exchange (Forex) and cryptocurrencies.

March 14, 2018 – CopyCash, a blockchain-based Social Travesting platform and Tradency, a financial technology provider, today announced that CopyCash will deploy Tradency’s auto trade-by-knowledge technology to support its Social Travesting platform. This collaboration will enable CopyCash to instantaneously drive user adoption and increase the value of CopyCashCoin (“CCC”), a utility token used as a payment mechanism in the CopyCash ecosystem.

CopyCash aims to address the issue of fraud in social trading platforms. Utilizing blockchain technology, CopyCash is able to provide a decentralized, transparent and secured social trading and copytrading platform. Expert traders are verified on blockchain and trading signals are made public. The platform is also governed by a dedicated system of smart contracts.

“We are confident that Tradency’s turnkey technology will enable us to realize our vision of offering users a truly genuine and transparent trading environment, and diversify their investment portfolios with different strategies”, said Dr. Bobby Lieu, CEO of CopyCash. “It is prudent to select collaborators who meet the stringent regulatory requirements and at the same time, incorporate risk management into its technology. As a renowned pioneer in social trading, copytrading and known for its high standard bank-grade service and for the robust and scalable nature of its technology, Tradency will be the key for the success of CopyCash’s Social Travesting platform.”

With Tradency’s auto trade-by-knowledge technology and CopyCash’s blockchain development team, CopyCash is poised to disrupt and take social trading and copytrading to greater heights.


About CopyCash

CopyCash takes social trading to new heights by empowering everyone who wishes to grow their money by trading and investing via an ecosystem that is made transparent and genuine as it is built on blockchain technology. Anyone and everyone can participate quickly and inexpensively in SOCIAL TRAVESTING – trading and investing – the CopyCash way.

CopyCash provides a transparent social trading and copytrading platform built on blockchain, where trading signals from top traders are made public. The platform is based on blockchain, completely decentralized and governed by a dedicated system of smart contracts, which promotes security and transparency. With CopyCash, everyone can leverage on the expertise of others in foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies.

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About Tradency

Tradency is a pioneering financial technology provider, focusing on B2B2C product development and advanced services for retail investors and retail traders. Tradency has been successfully providing automatic trading (Mirror Trader) and Robo-advisory (RoboX, Smart Investor) platforms used by millions of end users globally. Financial institutions around the world, license and market Tradency’s revolutionary financial technology, creating new market trends and business opportunities. Tradency invented the Mirror Trading concept in early 2005, forming a bank grade trading service that provides retail traders with valuable, professional knowledge and automatic trading strategy implementation. Since early 2015, Tradency is leveraging its success by bringing its established technology to provide financial institutions with active and hybrid robo advisory to serve the fast growing global robo advisory market. Tradency is active in all 5 continents and has a prominent presence in Japan.

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