Try a Dynamic Utility Token with a Million User Strong Platform

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Introducing a dynamic ICO  from a company with an existing product that’s been on the market for five years. 1World Online is an engagement and monetization platform that is using blockchain to revolutionize online media. Currently, 1World’s award-winning platform is partnered with hundreds of publishers and brands and used by millions of users worldwide. After a successful presale period, 1World Online is now in full ICO mode and picking up steam.

So far, 1World has raised around a third of its goal, $1,400,000, with more than a month to go. 1World plans on using 1WO tokens as its exclusive form of a payment for its vast advertising network used by its partners in tandem with the platform’s easy to use widgets. Engagement with the platform will be further incentivized with rewards of the exchangeable 1WO tokens. Consumers can use their tokens to unlock paywalls or sell on exchanges.

1World is in talks with a crypto Exchange in Hong Kong and will distribute the tokens at the close of the ICO. Located in Palo Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley, 1World Online has a regular presence at industry events ranging from Global Silicon Valley Start-Up conferences to Blockchain themed meet-ups.

Interest in 1WO tokens is catching the eye of traditional investors and average consumers from around the world. Current price of 1WO token is $1, to be increased to $1.20 post ICO. Learn more and Buy 1WO tokens at

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