Uber and Lyft Drivers are Increasingly Victims of Carjacking | Hacker Noon

The Markup confirmed 124 carjackings and attempted carjackings of ride-hail drivers across the country. Drivers say the companies are doing little to help. In Chicago, for instance, scared drivers have refused to go to certain neighborhoods, which means residents in those areas are seeing high-cost surge pricing and drops in available rides. And in cities across the country, some drivers have bought dash cams, while others say they’ve started carrying weapons despite it being forbidden by the companies. “We’re not allowed to have any kind of weapon—knives, brass knuckles, pepper spray, guns, baseball bats. But that’s not what we’re seeing now,” said Lenny Sanchez, an Uber and Lyft driver in Chicago and co-founder of the Illinois chapter of driver advocacy group Independent Drivers Guild. “It’s like the Old West—it’s wild.” 


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