Universal Data Tool Introduction: Weekly Update 2 | Hacker Noon

If you haven’t heard of the Universal Data Tool, it’s an open-source web or desktop program to collaborate, build and edit text, image, video, and audio datasets with labels and annotations. 

This is our second community update! We’re hoping by releasing these we can better engage the community and encourage new contributors. Let’s get started…

You can watch the video update here

All Image Segmentation views now have a collapsible sidebar with expendable options. Now you can use the entire screen for segmentation if needed by just clicking on the arrow on the right side of the screen. It should help to clear the UI and be beneficial when used on smaller screens.

Now there is no limit to convert image samples into segments as opposed to earlier 5×5 limits. Also, there is an improvement to how we zoom in on segments when you have a sample split up in segments. It will now automatically zoom in on the segment that’s allowed to be annotated in every sample.

That’s it for our second community update, be sure to follow us on Twitter, or join our Slack to hear more!


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