Upcoming Web Features for Web Developers — Google I/O 2019

What’s New with Chrome and the Web (Google I/O’19)

Average Page transfers 800KB of images.
Lazy Loading on chrome


Add the loading attribute to lazy load the images.


Speed Report in the Google Search Consoles

Paint Holding:
Prevents flashing from specific content when it transitions from one state to the other.

@11:16 (Portals) — iFrames that you can navigate to. Basically it allows a seamless transition back and forth between iFrames. Pretty cool, be sure to check it out! Chrome Canary behind flags)

@15:09 (Web Packaging) — They announced it last year at I/O 2018
Basically your website gets packaged into one file that gives the browser the capability to preload the pages.

@18:00 (Web Perception Toolkit and Shape Detection API (Barcode, Text Detection, and more))

@23:00 (Web Sharing API). Basically allows you to bring the Android’s Share Screen capabilities to your PWA

@26:10 (Proxx) — Mine Sweeper a la 2019… Looks sick! It also works on feature phones!!!

@27:40 (Duplex on the web) — Uses AI to assist you by filling/navigating (with your consent) the forms in a website. You can visit search console to add a test account so Duplex can analyze your site’s flow.

@32:04 Upcoming capabilities for Chrome:
– Native File System Access
– Unlimited Quota
– Contacts Picker
– MIME-type Handlers
– SMS-based Authentication

@32:30 They Start talking about Security. Recapping of previous features from chrome, such as: Site Isolation, HTTPS by Default
@34:28 How users are tracked on the web 
@35:25 — First Party cookies by default. This prevents cookies from getting shared by third-parties. You will need to implicitly say a same-site: none setting for the cookie. (Can be tested on Canary behind flags)

@36:45: Chrome will block fingerprinting.

@37:40 WebAuthn. Brings native 2FA to the web!

@39:10 Web.dev a site that teaches you how to build in the modern web.

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