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Type-in programs were big in the 80’s. Virtually all computer magazines and books use to publish code listings in BASIC. Kids spent hours at a time to type-in the programs, debug them and see them run on their Commodore / Apple II or ZX-Spectrum computers.

Although this method of entering programs is not very efficient, it is still a great tool of learning to code. Lots of kids that type-in programs in the 80’s are professional programmers nowadays.

I was thinking about this method of type-in programs and I strongly believe that can still be used in education today. Of course, instead of BASIC we need to use a modern language such as JavaScript.

To demonstrate this technique, I put together a free booklet with small type-in programs for kids. As a parent or educator, you can download the book, print the programs and ask kids to type them in.

Parents and educators: If you have coding knowledge yourself please go ahead and invent new mini-programs for kids. Print them and ask the kids to type them in.

Looking forward on the book and on this method!



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