Using AI and Call Tracking Software to Increase Sales

How easy is it to reach your business? In a world where there are more smartphones today than the number of people, you can’t afford to ignore the phone as a means to acquire and convert customers.

Business calls are the number one source of leads and sales in various industries and call tracking is one of the important methods to track these online as well as offline leads. And the best part? A study shows that call leads covert around 15 times more than web leads. But the problem is that most marketers fail to monetize the situation. They don’t track the calls and miss out on so many prospective conversions.

But let’s not talk about the past and the opportunities you have missed. We have got for you an AI backed call tracking software that will help your business grow and prosper.

Why choose AI backed call tracking software?

Artificial intelligence is steadily making its way onto everyone’s list and for good. AI is helping businesses in so many ways and helping them serve their customers better. And with the new available call tracking service powered by AI, businesses can track potential sales opportunities in a better manner. Some ways in which AI helps in call tracking software are:

Makes your ROI better

Small businesses want to reduce their costs to a minimum. But this isn’t possible all the time. They want to track the calls 24*7 but don’t want to employ people for it as this will increase their costs substantially. This is where AI driven call tracking software comes into the picture. With it, you can easily track every call and gather important data about it a well.

Also, it works better than humans ever can. Your employees might fail to identify a call as conversion or just get bored with tracking so many calls and productivity decrease by the end of the day. In turn, it can lead to quite a number of missed conversions.

With an AI call tracking software, you don’t have to worry. It works effectively throughout the day without a dip in its quality. It doesn’t get tiring and is consistent with its performance.

Easy to set up

If you think that you have to teach your AI about your business ways, you are wrong. You should use pre-trained call tracking software for a variety of industries. It would take just a few minutes to set up the software and get it going. Also, you get the option to customize it for your own requirements for better outcomes and bigger results.

Helping to find out the right keywords

We all know how much keywords are crucial if we want to boost traffic on our website. But those are not limited only to your website. By using the right keywords during phone calls, you can benefit too. AI helps to identify keyword which leads to more conversions. By knowing which keywords work and which don’t, you’d be able to change your strategy accordingly.

Most of the online searches are happening via mobile phones these days instead of desktop or laptops. Which are the keywords that prompted the customer to call your business? It is important to identify it, and AI helps you in doing that.

Improving customer support’s quality

Customer support should be very effective if you want your business to be successful. This is a fact, and there are no two ways about it. AI-driven call tracking software records the calls of all of your customer support’s agents. You can judge their competency and how efficient were they in satisfying the customers. Also, listening to old conversations can be very beneficial for new employees as they will learn how to deal with complex situations and how to communicate with people to increase sales.

By listening to the calls, You will also be able to understand the issues faced by your customers and their expectations. You can then optimize your services accordingly and make certain modifications which satisfy your customers.

Identify the peak hours

By using the AI-powered call tracking software, you would be able to find out the peak hours when you get the most number of calls. By recording this data, you will figure out the days and the hour you received the most calls. This can help to manage your staff optimally and decide their working hours in such a way that peak hour calls are not missed.

Call Tracking Done the Right Way

There are so many ways AI call tracking software can help your business. It is a myth that a good call tracking software is only built for big businesses. They help small businesses a lot as well and in ways which can help you gain a lot of customers and earn quite a lot of money as well.

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