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KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency trading markets, today announces the listing of VisionX VNX.

Deposits are now available with supported trading pairs that include VNX/BTC and VNX/ETH. Other trading transactions are accessible using KuCoin mobile apps, or to their official website at

  • VisionX (VNX) Buying order: 20:00 October 29, 2018 (UTC+8)
  • VisionX (VNX) Selling order: 20:30 October 29, 2018 (UTC+8)
  • VisionX (VNX) Withdrawal: 20:00 October 31, 2018 (UTC+8)

About VisionX VNX

VisionX builds a vision of “X,” providing a sustainable and incentive-driven blockchain based ecosystem that bridges companies across different market segments of industries, and enable data and AI solution collaboration across industries. This tokenized incentive system including future profit sharing will reward contributors to the real value of their contributions.

For example, contributions such as data collection, data cleansing, data annotation, data relevancy discovery, AI dataset structure, AI solution building, and AI solution sales will all be rewarded by tokens and record on the blockchain. Leveraging their ecosystem, companies and organizations can help for AI solutions addressing everyday needs and yet obtain customizable solutions for diverse situations beyond a stand-alone solution.

Visual Defect Inspection X Industries

VisionX gives a meta AI solution for visual abnormality inspection across businesses. Currently, 60 million employees are operating on a visual investigation in China alone, which cost USD 350 billion a year. And the average precision rate in visual deficiency inspection is about 60-70 percent with the traditional method. The current addressable business for visual abnormality inspection reaches across a diversity of industries, including but not restricted to consumer electronics, mining, automobile, aviation, medical supply, steel, furniture, textiles, processed food and so forth.

Their meta-dataset for these industries currently comprises over a million images to train the algorithm to detect abnormalities like scratches, dents, pinholes, fiber patterns, broken seals, or aging components. By using AI solution with the existing dataset, VisionX will decrease the inspection cost significantly, and increase the accuracy rate to 95 percent. The similar AI solutions will apply to other areas such as robotic pick-and-place, predictive maintenance, data curation, and eventually any AI need across industries.

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