VooGlue to Transform Art Buying and Selling, Empower Artists

VooGlue.io is holding a Token Generation Event to raise funds to continue development of its unique art ecosystem.

The pre-sale has been live since January 19th and runs to March 20th. The public sale is set to run from March 21st for three months or until the hard cap of 55,000 ETH is reached. Pre-sale tokens can be purchased with descending bonuses starting at 80% for the first buyers. Details of the discount structure can be found here.

The VooGlue ecosystem aims to leverage blockchain technology to integrate artists, galleries, museums, art lovers, and investors in the following ways:

  • By establishing standards of verification and ownership for artwork that can be safely recorded on the Ethereum public blockchain.
  • By facilitating ease of transaction between all parties through the use of the native token VGC.
  • By enabling a liquid art market through the tokenization of artwork. This allows:
  • Artists to fund ambitious projects.
  • Galleries to more easily purchase art.
  • Small and medium investors to gain exposure to the art market.

VooGlue Adds an Extra Dimension to Art

An additional and key feature of the platform is the permanent connection of a physical item like a painting to a digital media counterpart like a video or augmented reality experience. This pair is then connected to a product counterpart, such as the artwork itself for sale. This functionality is enabled through the intuitive interface of the VooGlue App. From a user’s perspective, the digital counterparts are accessed simply by pointing a mobile device at the physical artwork hanging on the wall (VooGlue has obtained a provisional international patent for the technology that enables this process).  A user can view the multimedia count

erpart and has the option to purchase the artwork from within the app.

The VooGlue concept was first developed and tested in 2015 in Australia with the first version of the web app released in September 2017. A pilot gallery and guest artists have so far given positive reviews of their experience with the app.

“There’s been a lot of interest with the app so far,” said Helen Harrold manager of the Robinson Studio, adding, “Not only do people come away with a better experience of the art and what the artist intended, but the app has also boosted interest in our studio.”

“Art has stayed in a dusty corner of the 19th century while everybody has moved into the 21st century on their mobile phones,” said Brian Carew-Hopkins, founder and CEO of VooGlue. Hopkins is an entrepreneur, artist, and author with over 25 years business experience ranging from initiating and growing startups to senior roles in large corporations and Government, including corporate board appointments.

“My vision is for an explosion of new creativity in video, music and art collaboration with the VooGlue app as it is, and then a double explosion of creativity with augmented reality and digital enhancements. I see whole gallery spaces coming to life before the user as they step in the door, with sculptures and artworks self animating,” he added.

Next Steps

Having established a working prototype app, VooGlue’s next step is to launch an art economy revolving around its native token VGC and merge the platform into blockchain architecture.

“In the first instance VGC can vastly improve the ease of purchasing art by reducing transaction costs and streamlining transfers to affiliates, galleries and artists. Second level is the tokenization of art which allows artists and institutions to do so-called artwork ICO’s, generating funds for digital media production which then become part of the artwork via the VooGlue app. This a beautiful thing.”

Complete details of the VooGlue platform can be found in the whitepaper.