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The software development market is flooded with various frameworks, tools, platforms, and environments. Regardless of their structure, design, and goals all of them are sharing a common primary purpose to ease the development process. Howsoever your application is exclusive or innovative, in most cases you will be required to use the structure, components, and methods that have already been used earlier. This is where you will understand the significance of handy tools. Instead of writing everything from scratch JavaScript programmers use the so-called collections of libraries to lower the costs in shorter time-to-market.

In the monarchy of front-end development, there are hundreds of options to choose from. The development market is dominated by such generally acknowledged heavyweights as React and Angular, but now the new player has taken the place. Vue.js that has managed to cause quite a stir. It’s been just 3 years, Vue.js has been introduced and it has already started snapping at the heels. So, if you are too wondering what makes Vue.js unique and why it has garnered so much attention, then to make you understand its advantages here I have compared Vue.js with React to see if it can really ensure resourceful and reliable development environment.

Vue.js vs React: Which JavaScript framework is better?

So, what makes you chose a software development framework, regardless its ultimate framework? To bring your product faster to market, right? Go through the listed below points before you make a final call. Bacancy Technology is vue.js development company in world

 This is what the product owner wants from a software environment for their end-user. Performance stands for the speed of the application response. The faster the time period takes to respond it makes it better. Software programmers often regard JavaScript framework performance as one of the significant criteria.

 Scalability regulates the way your solution will deal with the cumulative number of requests and what is significant at the sudden peak of loads. JavaScript app designed for large numbers of users, scalability is of utmost importance.

Programming language:
 The preference of development is given based on the preferred programming language and the language that is being used in the other development components. The programming language and its essentials also influence the integration and compatibility of diverse application components as well as further improvements and new feature implementation.

Learning curve:
 If the framework is easy to use and straight forward, programmers can quickly master it and start contributing the entire community.

Availability of developers:
 This criterion is associated with the above the two above-listed, as you are more likely to find skillful developers for a framework based on a popular programming language and at the same time, efficient and being user-friendly in everyday tasks. Bacancy provide VueJS Application Development Services.

Customer requirements The clients can have their own specific criteria for the selection of development tool. For example, a customer can have a specific preference for his support team. Of course, he can have such points as scalability and performance, as well, but the common principle is that you should not argue with your customer.

So, considering the above-mentioned points now lest have a look at the JavaScript development framework to find out the differences between Vue.js and React.

React vs Vue.js Performance

Both Vue.js and React use Virtual DOM and let me tell you that virtual DOM is known for its performance issues. However, Vue has given special attention to this problem. This can be the reason why Vue,js is faster and less overhead. Vue owns special ability to handle higher frames-rates that is 10 frames per second as compared to 1 frame per second typical for React that makes it a better choice for development of apps involving animation. So, from the point of view of performance, Vue.js clearly has an advantage over React.

Scalability of Vue.js and React

Vue.js applications are developed using the template-based syntax. Whereas, React makes use of JavaScript to write DOM, often with the JSX extension. When the application reaches more or less large scale, template become more difficult to reuse and decompose JavaScript components. In this scenario, React is more consistent in performance and reliable in handling large-scale software solutions.
 In the matters of scalability, React scores a point over Vue.js and it is being regarded as one of the preferred options for large-scale applications.

Programming Language and Learning Curve

React and Vue.js are both JavaScript-based frameworks and both of them are continuously gaining the top rank in the programming languages rating. And I can be more or less certain that both of them gets a firm “yes” from most developers’ teams; however, there are certain differences, one must need to understand. Vue.js template-based syntax and it is easy to understand. As it is a pure HTML, so there is no complicated setup required. Vue.js code can be directly included into any HTML file.

With React, you will be required to master JSX, a syntax extension to JavaScript that is less intuitive and visual. However, the React community has not come across proves at all. So, the favourable benefit for Vue.js is organized documentation. Vue.js, has its very small team and they maintain their guide in a perfect condition, while React documentation is less organized.

Developers’ Community

React is backed by the global giant Facebook. Already holding a strong position from the point of view of a community as well as recognition. Vue.js, on the other hand, managed by Evan You, he is a former Google programmer who has served AngularJS.
 As per the, considering the statistics of GitHub, Vue.js is at the top in the UI Frameworks category with the average of 110.6 stars per day. Whereas React is nearer to the 72.7 stars per day. This is the same statistics that show that the average number of contributors for Vue.js is only 137, while React.js stands at the top with an impressive number of 1,073. So, you can easily hire React developers than the Vue.js developers.

Customer Requirements

This is something that can’t be analyzed properly. However, as per the geographic trend that shows that Vue.js is more popular in China and other countries of the East. Whereas, clients from US prefers to React or Angular for their frontend development purposes. So, US-based customers are most probably reluctant to accept Vue.js as one of the development tools for their application.

Stateofjs 2017 Frontend Framework results

Stateofjs 2016 Frontend Framework results:

So, 1 year passed and Vue.js is clearly leading by a huge margin and the next year would be the year of Vue.js success. React seems stable on its growth. However, Angular does not seem be able to keep up with these two rivals. Vue.js definitely dominating, but only in the web, not in the overall frontend world. Whereas, React is clearly becoming the technology that will rule the frontend the world.
 So, wondering the what’s the answer to the above big question? Vue.js or React.js? Well, I have briefly touched upon the listed significant pros and cons of Vue.js and have come across the following conclusion:

  • When it comes to choose a high-performance framework, try Vue.js, especially if you are using the animated content. However, React is not at all behind when performance is concerned
  • If you are planning to build a large application that can be able to scale up or down quickly and easily, give React a preference with its dedicated library, Redux.
  • If the US market is your core focus, then, probably, Vue.js is not at all the optimal choice.
  • If you are already using one development framework that it suitable to fulfill your requirements, then stay with it. It does not matter what you are using — if it provides the necessary performance and functionality, fulfilling your purpose to handles the errors, you have already made the right choice. Howsoever, you are satisfied at the moment, never forget to update with the market.


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